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Fast Digesting Protein 102

(Fast Digesting Protein Powder Supplement In India With Digezymes & Vitamins For Overall Nourishment)

  1. MyFitFuel Advance 100% Whey Protein Powder Blend with Premium Digestive Enzymes veg_icon.png
    from ₹ 692

    6 more variant(s) available
  2. Advance MFF Whey Protein 80™ veg_icon.png
    from ₹ 679

    2 more variant(s) available
  3. MyFitFuel 100% Whey Protein Powder in India at Best Pric veg_icon.png
    from ₹ 1869

    2 more variant(s) available
  4. MFF Hand Sanitizer (with Isopropyl Alcohol), 500 ml
    from ₹ 249

    1 more variant(s) available
  5. MyFitFuel Hydrolyzed (Hydro) Pre Digested Whey Protein In India veg_icon.png
    from ₹ 899

    2 more variant(s) available
  6. MyFitFuel Best Whey Protein Isolate Powder In India veg_icon.png
    from ₹ 2399

    3 more variant(s) available
  7. MyFitFuel High Quality Standard Diet Whey Gold Protein Isolate 90 veg_icon.png
    from ₹ 1374

    4 more variant(s) available
  1. Advance 100% Plant Protein (4 Plant Proteins, 16 Vitamins & Minerals, Easy to Digest) veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 999 ₹1,699


    • 100% Plant Vegan Protein from 4 Plant Source
    • Made from Plant Pea Protein, Brown Rice Protein, Mung Bean Protein, Quinoa
    • 24.2g protein, 5.8 BCAA’s, 4.3g Glutamic Acid & 11gm EAA's.
    • Added Digestive Enzymes which makes it Easy to Digest
    • 16 Vitamins & Mineral for overall nourishment of body, energy, skin, hair, etc.
    • Added Plant-based Antioxidant
    • Ultra-low in fat and an almost negligible amount of carbohydrate.
    • Sugar-Free, Lactose free, Soy-free, Gluten-free & Aspartame Free
  2. Advance MFF 100% Whey Protein™ veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 692 ₹9,099

    • More Whey Protein Isolate. Unique 25:75 Blend of Whey Isolate and Whey Concentrate
    • 28.5gm  Protein on “Dry Basis”. 26.5gm Protein on “As is” Basis” in Vanilla Crème Flavor
    • 26.5gm  Protein on “Dry Basis”. 24.8gm Protein on “As is” Basis” in Chocolate Fudge Flavor
    • Added Digezyme® latest Digestive Enzymes Technology. 
    • Added 22 Vitamins and Minerals for better growth and overall nourishment of body 
    • Advance Protein for better results.
    • Highly Low in fat and carbohydrate. Contains no Sugar & Aspartame.
    • High source of BCAA, Glutamine, and Essential Amino Acids
  3. Advance MFF Whey Protein 80™ veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 679 ₹5,249

    Advance MFF Whey Protein 80 is a researched advance form of protein which is designed to help you achieve your muscle building and fitness goal in much better way.

    • Protein on “Dry Basis” 25gm on “As is” Basis” 23.2gm in Rich Chocolate Delight Flavor 
    • Added Digezyme® latest Digestive Enzymes Technology.
    • Added 22 Vitamins and Minerals for better growth and overall nourishment of body
    • Helps in Lean muscle growth. Contains no Sugar & Aspartame
    • Low in fat and carbohydrate. No Sugar and No Aspartame
    • Better recovery with 5.2gm BCAA, 3.9gm Glutamine, 11.3gm EAA’s in Rich Chocolate Delight Flavor.
  4. MFF 100% Whey Protein™ veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 1869 ₹8,599

    MFF 100% Whey Protein after deep research is made of High grade Pure Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolate. This Protein blend is unlike other whey blends that use tiny amount of Isolate, but it is made to provide the unique 80:20 split ratio of Whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate, making it a premium low fat whey protein blend. Being impressively rich in BCAA (5.8 gm) and Glutamic acid (4.3gm)/per serving, this amino acid profile helps in more muscle tissue growth and better workout recovery.

    • 26 gm pure protein per 32gm serving. (81.25%)
    • 80:20 ratio of Whey Concentrate & Isolate
    • 5.8 gm BCAA and 4.3 gm Glutamine Rich
    • No aspartame added
  5. MFF Hand Sanitizer (with Isopropyl Alcohol), 500 ml

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 249 ₹249

    • Instant Hand Cleanser
    • With Isopropyl Alcohol
    • Santitze hands upto 99.9% without water
    • Easy to use & very easy to carry
    • 500ml size
  6. MFF Hydrolyzed Whey Protein™ veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 899 ₹7,499

    MFF Hydrolyzed Whey Protein is advance technology partially pre-digested protein where the protein goes through hydrolysis process that breaks down its protein into peptides which are very easy to digest and absorb. This protein is made is made for quick recovery and contains complete amino acid source for better muscle development.

    • Partially Pre-digested technology protein.
    • Naturally faster to absorb in muscles than any other protein source.
    • 30 gm Protein on “Dry basis”, 29 gm Protein on “As is basis” in unflavored
    • 7.2 gm BCAA, 5.9 gm Glutamine in every serving in unflavored.
    • Pure fresh milk based protein with complete Amino Acid profile.
    • Ideal for very quick muscle repair, recovery & growth.
    • Aspartame & Sugar Free
  7. MFF Whey Protein 90 Isolate™ veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 2399 ₹10,998

    MFF Whey Protein 90 Isolate™ is made up of a very high quality imported & tested Instantized Whey protein Isolate 90% available in the market. There are no thickeners, fillers or cheap amino acids added to reduce the quality of the product. After many quality checks and research, only mouth watering & approved flavors are added for taste during formulation.

    • Protein on “Dry Basis” 29.5 gm & on “As In Basis” 27.9 gm in Unflavored
    • Protein on “Dry Basis” 26.3 gm & on “As In Basis” 25 gm in Rich Chocolate Delight Flavor
    • Fast digesting protein for fast muscle repair. Aspartame and Sugar Free
    • Premium grass fed protein, highly low in fat and carbohydrate.
    • Better recovery with  6.3 gm BCAA, 4.5 gm Glutamine, 13.6gm EAA’s  
  8. MFF™ Diet Whey Gold Protein veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 1374 ₹6,449

    • 100% Premium Whey Protein Isolate
    • 27.6 gm “Dry Basis Protein” and 26 gm “As is Basis” Protein per serving
    • 12.7gm EAA, 5.9 gm BCAA, 4.2gm Glutamic Acid
    • Added DigeZymes (Properitory Multi Enzymes to enhance digestion & Absorption)
    • 100% Trans Fats Free with No Sugar & No harmful Sweeteners


Although there are a lot of factors on which protein supplements are categorized, one particularly important trait is – rate of digestibility. It’s one of the most important qualities which should be considered while looking for the perfect whey for yourself.


To elaborate it, a fast acting protein supplement takes lesser amount of time to get digested, thereby spiking the amino acid levels at a much faster rate, so as to provide an immediate boost to the protein synthesis inside the body. Whey protein has often been termed as the best “fast absorbing protein powder” because of its above stated qualities. The absorption rate in its case is normally 8 – 10g/hr which in turn stimulates the protein synthesis up by approximately 68%. It’s “the” most popular protein supplement post workout because of this rate only.


Supplementing with whey protein causes the spike in the blood amino acid levels in under an hour, with just under 90 minutes to reach the peak. Also, since whey protein is rich in leucine, which is a key amino acid and activates the skeletal muscle protein synthesis, it naturally becomes the best bet for building muscle mass.


Coming now to the different variants of whey protein – concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate – all the three although the by-product of the same whey, differ quite a bit in their digestibility rates. Concentrates have the lowest digestibility rate followed by isolate and then by hydrolysate. This is the same trend that follows even with respect to their protein content and pricing, with hydrolysate scoring above the other two in both these aspects as well.


Moving now to which fast digesting protein could be good for you – we at Myfitfuel – an Indian health supplements company, have come up with a huge variety of whey proteins and given the fact that they all are “fast absorbing proteins,” our products are well suited for the regular gymgoers and those wanting to gain some serious muscle mass.


Advance MFF 100% whey protein is one of the premium products on our website. This protein blend of 25% isolate and 75% concentrate is laced with added enzymes and has been specifically designed keeping in mind the agenda of the hustlers out there. With 22 important vitamins and minerals forming a part of the content, it’s not only going to provide you with added benefits but will also help you in enhancing the recovery periods.


A more basic version of whey protein, the Advance MFF whey protein 80, has been developed for those who don’t like blend proteins much. Just like the above stated features of the 100% whey protein, even the basicversion is well adept in meeting your fitness goals. Moreover, we’re offering the “Rich Chocolate Delight flavour” so that taste will cease to be a barrier for you henceforth.


The newest entrant to our whey protein category is the MFF Whey Protein 90 Isolate, and brings with it some highly desirable properties. Not only is this made up of the highest quality of imported whey, it’s also free from all sorts of thickness, fillers or cheap amino acids which are generally added, often resulting in lowering of the quality of the product. It’s available in the same “Rich Chocolate Delight flavour” and also as an unflavoured version – for the ones who like it “RAW”. And just like the above variants, there are different sizes (weights) of the product as well to choose from.


Optimal benefits can likely be achieved if a fast digesting protein powder is taken at the time when muscles and tissues are in the need of short-term repairing, which is normally after your workout session. However, this is not a mandate and you should be the best person to decide on the best time for your protein intake, for it to be the most beneficial for your body.

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