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Non Dairy Protein 27

(Made With Nature & Love Best Vegan Protein Powder Meal Replacement Non Dairy Protein Shakes)

  1. MFF Hand Sanitizer (with Isopropyl Alcohol), 500 ml
    from ₹ 249

    1 more variant(s) available
  2. MyFitFuel Buy Best Plant Pea Protein Isolate Powder In India veg_icon.png
    from ₹ 519

    8 more variant(s) available
  3. MyFitFuel 100% Soy Protein Isolate Powder At Best Price In India veg_icon.png
    from ₹ 839

    1 more variant(s) available
  1. Advance 100% Plant Protein (4 Plant Proteins, 16 Vitamins & Minerals, Easy to Digest) veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 999 ₹1,699


    • 100% Plant Vegan Protein from 4 Plant Source
    • Made from Plant Pea Protein, Brown Rice Protein, Mung Bean Protein, Quinoa
    • 24.2g protein, 5.8 BCAA’s, 4.3g Glutamic Acid & 11gm EAA's.
    • Added Digestive Enzymes which makes it Easy to Digest
    • 16 Vitamins & Mineral for overall nourishment of body, energy, skin, hair, etc.
    • Added Plant-based Antioxidant
    • Ultra-low in fat and an almost negligible amount of carbohydrate.
    • Sugar-Free, Lactose free, Soy-free, Gluten-free & Aspartame Free
  2. MFF Hand Sanitizer (with Isopropyl Alcohol), 500 ml

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 249 ₹249

    • Instant Hand Cleanser
    • With Isopropyl Alcohol
    • Santitze hands upto 99.9% without water
    • Easy to use & very easy to carry
    • 500ml size
  3. MFF Plant Pea Protein Isolate™ veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 519 ₹3,899

    MFF Plant Pea protein Isolate is pure vegetarian plant-based protein suitable for vegans or anyone looking non-animal source of protein. This product provides a very high source of protein with complete amino acid protein. It is also a very high source of naturally occurring BCAA’s, Glutamine and Arginine helping in better muscle repair and growth.

    • 100% Plant Vegan Protein from vegetable (Peas).
    • 30.3gm protein on “Dry basis” & 28gm protein on “As is basis” in Unflavored.
    • 5000mg BCAA’s, 4600mg Glutamine & 10.8gm EAA in Unflavored.
    • Ultra low in fat and almost negligible amount of carbohydrate.
    • Easy to Digest, Lactose free, Soy free and Gluten free.
    • Aspartame & Sugar Free
  4. MFF Plant Soy Protein Isolate™ veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 839 ₹3,599

    MFF Plant Soy Protein Isolate 90 is 100% vegetarian protein made from soy beans. It is best suitable for Vegans or anyone looking non-animal source of protein. This has very high PDCAA’s of 1. It provide high amount of protein and naturally occurring amino acids such as BCAA;s, Glutamine, Arginine and other essential amino acids for better muscle repair, recovery and growth

    • 100% Plant Vegan Protein from vegetable (Soy).
    • Protein 32.7 gm on Dry basis and 31gm on As is basis in every serving of unflavored.
    • Provides 5.6 gm BCAA, 5.9 gm Glutamine and 11.9 gm EAA
    • Rich source of L-Arginine
    • Ultra low in fat and carbohydrate.
    • Easy to Digest and Mix. 100% Lactose Free.
    • No sugar, No Aspartame, No Artificial flavor and color added


Casein and whey are always going to be the most popular among athletes, at least for the foreseeable future; but that doesn’t mean that you being a milk allergic person or a vegan, will not have anything to suffice your needs. Both the Casein and whey are dairy derived products and in the same way, there are other dairy free protein supplements as well, which could be well suited for the above-mentioned type of groups of people.


Non-dairy protein products are especially helpful for lactose intolerant people. Milk, and protein supplements derived from it, contain lactose, a form of sugar. The digestion of this lactose requires an enzyme called lactase which the body produces to facilitate the digestion process. Now, the problem is that not everyone is capable of producing lactase in apt quantity and this is the reason they get categorized into the lactose intolerant group. Such type of people cannot do well with either the whey or casein; hence, are often left ruing the unavailability of something which they can use. Dairy free supplements can come really handy for them with no side-effects at all.


  • Another advantage is, proteins, be of any type, does help in loosening of the weight. As such, one should not be worried that non-dairy proteins cannot help in the reduction of weight which is often one of the most talked about benefits of whey. Dairy free protein powders are equally helpful in toning down your body weight just like whey proteins, if not more.
  • While you may not believe it, but diary free products are known to strengthen bones as well. There have been a lot of talks regarding the fact that milk is not the only way to strengthen your bones and dairy free products could do the work as seamlessly. This could be one of “the” benefits for the lactose intolerant group.
  • One of the best non-dairy protein powders available with myfitfuel – soy protein is known to stimulate strength gain and muscle mass upon coupling with resistance training. Supplementing with soy protein also improves bone strength along with its overall health. Not only it offers almost similar speed of absorption to whey, all of the essential amino acids can also be found in it.
  • Soy, being a plant based protein is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. The isoflavones present in soy protein are capable of producing antioxidant effects, which is known to speed the muscle recovery process and also reduce inflammation and muscle soreness.
  • Myfitfuel has put together another diary free protein powder in the shape of pea protein. Being another supplement for the lactose intolerants, pea protein is also free from natural fats and cholesterol. Just like soy, pea proteins are also pretty much similar in protein content to whey and casein; hence ideal for use. Apart from these, even pea proteins show similar benefits of weight loss and being high in the amino acids profiling to that of soy proteins, which is the reason why they are adjudged equally advantageous.
  • All in all, there’s no reason for people to be sceptic regarding the intake of non-diary protein supplements. Both the soy and the pea protein can be very good non-diary meal replacement shakes with nearly all the qualities of that of whey and casein.
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