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  1. MFF Hand Sanitizer (with Isopropyl Alcohol), 500 ml
    from ₹ 249

    1 more variant(s) available
  2. Plant Brown Rice Protein veg_icon.png
    from ₹ 759

    1 more variant(s) available
  1. Advance 100% Plant Protein (4 Plant Proteins, 16 Vitamins & Minerals, Easy to Digest) veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 999 ₹1,699


    • 100% Plant Vegan Protein from 4 Plant Source
    • Made from Plant Pea Protein, Brown Rice Protein, Mung Bean Protein, Quinoa
    • 24.2g protein, 5.8 BCAA’s, 4.3g Glutamic Acid & 11gm EAA's.
    • Added Digestive Enzymes which makes it Easy to Digest
    • 16 Vitamins & Mineral for overall nourishment of body, energy, skin, hair, etc.
    • Added Plant-based Antioxidant
    • Ultra-low in fat and an almost negligible amount of carbohydrate.
    • Sugar-Free, Lactose free, Soy-free, Gluten-free & Aspartame Free
  2. MFF Hand Sanitizer (with Isopropyl Alcohol), 500 ml

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 249 ₹249

    • Instant Hand Cleanser
    • With Isopropyl Alcohol
    • Santitze hands upto 99.9% without water
    • Easy to use & very easy to carry
    • 500ml size
  3. Plant Brown Rice Protein veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 759 ₹2,399


    • 100% Plant based
    • Made from natural brown rice.
    • 28 gm Dry basis protein. 26.5gm As is basis protein
    • 100% Vegeterian Protein
    • Ultra-pure Imported protein & ideal for lean growth
    • Naturally 4.7gm BCAA & 4.4 gm Glutamic rich.
    • Low in Fat & Carbs.
    • Sugar Free & Aspartame Free


We at myfitfuel strive to provide you with only the best organic protein powder that is made up of pure organic milk, so that you don’t have to scratch your heads while trying to shop for the best organic protein powder in India.


We believe in providing the best there is, and that’s the sole reason why we take pride in not just showcasing but talking about our products always. All our products are 100% organically processed and before buying anything, you’re offered a thorough check so that you can be assured of the quality that we’re offering. 


How we do it, you ask? Well, read on…


Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

If a cow is fed genetically modified soy or corn products and not fresh grass, then there’s every chance that the milk they’ll produce will also be genetically altered. If you’re someone who cares about the presence of GMOs or pesticides for that matter, in your food, organic whey is your only solace.


That’s why all our products are 100% free from GMOs and we take utter care to see it through, this way only.


Enhanced amount of nutrients

The milk of grass-fed cows is the main and probably the only source of all the organic materials – those cows that grazes in the fields of health lush grass. Because of this they maintain a steady health and are not given antibiotics or hormones. They produce the finest quality milk, which is then used for human consumption when they’re processed for the production of whey. Moreover, organically raise, grass-fed cows have enhanced amounts of all the important and essential nutrients compared to their grain-fed counterparts. 


We’ve made it a motto of ours to see that all our products meet your protein requirements exactly the way you want.


Increased effect of the features of traditional whey protein

Since you already know the benefits that a traditional whey protein supplement offers, which are good in number; it can be said that the organic version gives a +1 to all of these features.


Not only you get increased amount of nutrients, supplementation with our organic whey also gives you the increased benefits of all of its traditional effects.


Free from add-ons

Organic whey proteins are free from artificial sweeteners which might be present in their non-organic counterparts. Also, these are minimally processed and doesn’t employ the conventional methods of heating to process it; which can result in the decrease in the bioavailability of the protein content.


No exaggeration. No adulteration. Only enhancements, because we believe in providing the best there is.


Organic Protein Powder for Women

Approximately, 1.2 – 1.7 grams of protein per kg of body weight is sufficient to suffice the protein needs of women in a day. Hence, you should try to calculate the amount of protein your serving is giving your body and adjust it accordingly with the normal prerequisite levels. And do not assume that just because you’re using the organic protein supplement, there’s lesser amount of protein per scoop or that there’s no harm in intaking more.


The bottom line in case of best organic protein powder for women is that, it’s not very much different from the requirements that men seek. There’s probably zero to negligible amount of distinguishing between the organic protein for women and that of men. The protein content, the carbs content, whether to take it pre-or-post-workout or how to take it, are all pretty much the same in case of women as well, with the only difference being in the amount of protein content that a female body requires. 


To sum up, there’s a great deal of difference between the organic and the non-organic supplements which just cannot be ignored, and there’s a vital need to clearly state the quality and source of your protein and if your regular manufacturer is not doing that, you should start being sceptic. It’s your body and you have every right to know about the things you’re putting into it, jeopardizing which, might put you in a place, where you’d have to face some serious implications.

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