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MFF Whey Protein 70

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  1. MFF Whey Protein 70™

    MFF Whey Protein 70™

    from Rs 952 Rs952.00

    MFF Whey Protein 70™ is our most affordable protein produced using high quality whey protein concentrate 70%. Whey protein concentrate 70% is a combination of 70% pure protein and rest 30% is made up of different minerals, carbohydrates and fats. The amino acid profile in MFF Whey Protein 70™ provides excellent essential and non-essential amino acids profile including high source of 4.8g BCAA and also 3.4g of Glutamine.

    • 20g of high quality protein in every serving
    • Our most affordable Whey Protein
    • Increases muscle recovery & metabolic rate
    • Aspartame Free

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