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(Replenish the glycogen Level In Body With Best Carbohydrate Supplements In India For BodyBuilding)

  1. Dextrose Monohydrate (Rapidly Absorbed Carbohydrate) veg_icon.png

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    MFF™ Dextrose Monohydrate is high quality 100% pure carbohydrate made from corn starch. It is a carbohydrate which gets absorbed quickly and helps to rapidly releases energy required before and during exercise. Dextrose monohydrate is also considered as best post workout carbohydrate and when taken with protein shake helps in improving the repair, protein synthesis and regrowth of muscles. 

    • Fast energy release source carbohydrate
    • Rapidly replenishes glycogen stores
    • High Glycemic Index (GI) carbohydrate

Carbohydrates Supplements India

Carbs are completely mistaken and are considered as the source of gaining weight and other similar disorder like obesity. As a result, many fitness enthusiasts stepping into fitness get misguided. Carbohydrates if taken in right quantity promote muscle building. Carbohydrate supplements are one of the most widely preferred bodybuilding supplements and are in high demand among fitness enthusiasts. In order to understand the functioning of carbohydrate supplement,

Carbohydrates are responsible for producing sugar in the form of glucose. The glucose produced is used to provide energy to body.This glucose is stored in the body in the form of glycogen. Carbohydrate supplements are suited be as post workout supplement because of their ability to restore body energy by acting as a fuel and replenishes glycogen levels. This makes you feel less tired and fatigued.

Maintaining glycogen level becomes utmost important if your end goal is to achieve greater muscles. The water content in your muscles increases rapidly during the workout. Glycogen keeps the effect for long making your workout more effective.

Carbohydrate Supplement have following functions:
• Improve stamina and enhance performance
• Muscle recovery and growth
• Maintaining insulin level

Importance of Carbohydrate Supplement
Carbohydrates are a must if you are aiming to build stronger muscle and core. Carbs fuel your body with essential energy during workout. If your body is not well fueled, the protein consumed to build stronger muscle gets used to provide your body with energy. Hence you never build any muscle due to lack of protein. Carbs keep you energetic; make you feel less lethargic and helps in building muscle faster. Carbohydrate supplement are considered to be the best post workout supplement. Your body consumes muscle glycogen during the workout to provide energy. These glycogen levels need to be replenished post workout for muscle growth and recovery from fatigue. Right amount of carbohydrate supplements help you replenish glycogen level faster.

Carbohydrate Supplement Myth
Many believe that in take of carbohydrate post workout makes you fat. However, only less know that taking carbs after workout replenishes your energy and glycogen and helps in utilization of protein for muscle building. In fact, the carbs consumed post workout does not get stored in our body in the form of fat.

MFF™ Dextrose Monohydrate is high quality 100% carbohydrate supplement produced from cornstarch. It gets absorbed quickly and releases energy. The high Glycemic index (GI) helps in post workout recovery and saves protein from getting absorbed for energy release.

Shop from Myfitfuel and order this carbohydrates powder online for better workout regime and muscular growth.
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