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(Best Bodybuilding & Sports Nutrition Supplement In India)

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  1. Zinc + Folic Acid (100% RDA Recommendation) veg_icon.png capsule_icon.png
    from ₹ 349

    1 more variant(s) available
  2. Curcumin + (600mg) veg_icon.png capsule_icon.png
    from ₹ 599

    1 more variant(s) available
  3. Green Coffee Extract (50% CGA) + Piperine 95%, (1500mg) veg_icon.png capsule_icon.png
    from ₹ 549

    1 more variant(s) available
  4. Hyaluronic Acid, (100 mg) veg_icon.png capsule_icon.png
    from ₹ 599

    1 more variant(s) available
  5. Wheat Grass Extract (10:1), (500mg) veg_icon.png capsule_icon.png
    from ₹ 499

    1 more variant(s) available
  6. Performance Caffeine Capsules, (200mg) veg_icon.png capsule_icon.png
    from ₹ 399

    1 more variant(s) available
  1. Zinc + Folic Acid (100% RDA Recommendation) veg_icon.png capsule_icon.png

    from ₹ 349 ₹549

    • Contains Daily 100% RDA Zinc & Folic Acid.
    • Supports Skin Health.
    • Helps to boost immunity of body.
    • Antioxidant properties to protect cells & keep them healthy.
    • Supports General Brain, Fertility & kidney health support.
    • High Potency Formula. High quality ingredients & no fillers.
  2. Natural Vitamin C with Zinc, Plant Based Amla Extract, (1000 mg) veg_icon.png capsule_icon.png

    from ₹ 359 ₹509

    • 1000mg Amla extract per serving.
    • 5mg Zinc per serving.
    • Boost overall Immunity
    • Protect cells and keep them healthy.
    • Maintains healthy skin, bones, blood vessels & cartilage.
    • Helps in better wound healing
    • High Potency Herb | Pure Extract
    • Lab-Tested, High Quality Grade. No Fillers.
  3. Salmon Fish Oil, 1000mg (180 EPA 120 DHA), Deep Sea Fish Oil nonveg_icon.png capsule_icon.png

    from ₹ 199 ₹549

    • Extra virgin deep dea wild salmon fish oil.
    • Every Softgel gives 180 EPA: 120 DHA.
    • Evert 2 Soft gels gives 360 EPA: 240 DHA.
    • Good source of Omega-3 fatty acids which our body cannot produce by themself.
    • Omega-3 Plays an important role in maintenance of vital organs of our body.
    • Helps in improvement of joint mobility and supports healthy heart function.
    • Promotes healthy skin health, brain development and overall brain function.
    Non Vegetarian
  4. Curcumin + (600mg) veg_icon.png capsule_icon.png

    from ₹ 599 ₹599

    • 500mg Curcumin Root Extract (95% Curcuminoids) per serving.
    • 100mg Ginger root extract (5% gingersols) per serving.
    • Added 5mg Piperine for better absorption.
    • Helps Boosts Immunity.
    • Supports Joints, Brain & Healthy Heart Function.
    • Contains Antioxidant property & Helps Fight Inflammation.
    • Supports Ancient Traditional Ayurvedic Healing.
    • Supports Post Workout recovery.
  5. Omega 3 Fish Oil (Softgels) (180 EPA : 120 DHA), (1000mg), Burp Free, Pure Quality nonveg_icon.png capsule_icon.png

    from ₹ 189 ₹499

    • Each 1000mg Softgel contains 180 EPA: 120 DHA.
    • Every 2 Soft gels contains 360 EPA: 240 DHA.
    • Good source of Omega-3 fatty acids which body cannot produce by body themself.
    • Plays important role in maintenance of vital organs.
    • Supports healthy Heart & improvement in joint mobility Function.
    • Promotes skin health, brain development and healthy brain function.
    Non Vegetarian
  6. Ginseng+ (Triple Strength Ginseng), (400mg) veg_icon.png capsule_icon.png

    from ₹ 549 ₹799

    • Triple Strength Formula, 3 different Ginsengs.
    • 400mg high concentration per serving.
    • 200mg Korean, 100mg American, 100mg Siberian Ginseng extract.
    • Helps Boost Energy, Stamina & Focus.
    • Reduces Stress & Anxiety.
    • Improves immunity overall physical activity performance.
    • Procured & made with fresh herbs.
  7. Green Coffee Extract (50% CGA) + Piperine 95%, (1500mg) veg_icon.png capsule_icon.png

    from ₹ 549 ₹799

    • 1500mg per serving high potency extract.
    • Helps to promote energy in body.
    • Contains 50% CGA (Chlorogenic Acid). Better than 20% or 30% for better results.
    • Helps in betterment of immune system.
    • Helps regulate signs of aging which comes over age.
    • Helps boost overall weight loss process & Metabolism.
    • Added Piperine 95% for better absorption.
    • Tested in Lab, High Performance extract formula that you can trust.
    • High Quality Grade & No Fillers.
  8. Hyaluronic Acid, (100 mg) veg_icon.png capsule_icon.png

    from ₹ 599 ₹599

    • 100mg Hyaluronic Acid per serving.
    • Helps keep skin moisturized & hydrated.
    • Contains Anti-wrinkle properties.
    • Supports overall Joint Health.
    • No other Ingredient.
    • Lab-Tested & High Quality Grade.
  9. ZMA+ (For Muscle Strength & Night Time Recovery), 100% RDA Dosage veg_icon.png capsule_icon.png

    from ₹ 449 ₹599

    • Advance ZMA+ with Vitamin C. Added 100% RDA recommended daily dosage.
    • 5 key Ingredients combined for better results.
    • 340mg Magnesium, 12 mg Zinc, 40mg vitamin C & 2mg Vitamin B6 per serving.
    • Added Piperine extract 95% for enhanced absorption of ingredients.
    • Helps increase muscle strength & stamina for better workout or day today activities.
    • Boost workout performance & workout recovery.
    • Helps to boost overall immunity of body.
    • Brings antioxidant properties to prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals.
    • Helps to gain muscle with proper workout and nutrition.
    • Enhances Sleep quality.
  10. Milk Thistle Extract (80% Silymarin Flavonoids), (600mg) veg_icon.png capsule_icon.png

    from ₹ 499 ₹699

    • 600mg high concentration extract every serving.
    • Works as powerful antioxidant for liver.
    • Support liver cleanse & overall detox function.
    • 80% Silymarin Flavonoids. High ratio extract.
    • Helps to keep liver healthy.
    • Supports overall weight loss due to better cleansing & detox function.
    • High Potency Herb, Pure Extract, No other Ingredient.
  11. Ashwagandha Root Extract (7% Withanolides) with Piperine 95%, (1000mg) veg_icon.png capsule_icon.png

    from ₹ 539 ₹699

    • Improves Strengths and Endurance.
    • Helps in Managing Stress.
    • Enhances Reproductive Health.
    • Helps in Boosting Brain Functions.
    • Piperine 95% added for Better Absorption - Piperine-95% (Black pepper) is added to facilitate the absorption of Ashwagandha.
    • (7% Withanolides) Pure and High-Quality Extract- Unlike other Ashwagandha powder, it’s a pure extract with 7% Withanolides.
  12. Wheat Grass Extract (10:1), (500mg) veg_icon.png capsule_icon.png

    from ₹ 499 ₹499

    • Pure 500mg extract per serving.
    • Reduces fatigue in body.
    • Works as powerful antioxidant.Helps in body cleansing & detox function.
    • Improves immunity and help fight infection.
    • Helps boost metabolism and supports weight loss.
    • Boosts overall digestion.
  13. Performance Caffeine Capsules, (200mg) veg_icon.png capsule_icon.png

    from ₹ 399 ₹549

    • 200mg pure Caffeine Per capsule.
    • Anytime energy, focus & alertness.
    • Helps to boost Endurance for every day activity or workout.
    • Can work as anytime Energy booster.
    • Helps to restore mental alertness & increase focus.Restores Concentration and Wakefulness for any activity.
    • Acts as stimulant for central nervous system.
  14. Advance Tribulus-6, (6 Potent Herbs), 2000mg veg_icon.png capsule_icon.png

    from ₹ 499 ₹749

    • 6 Potent Herb extracts per serving
    • 1000mg Tribulus Terrestris for stamina, strength, lean muscle mass, vigor & vitality.
    • 435mg Ashwagandha Extract for anxiety & stress reduction.
    • 300mg Kaunj Extract as antioxidant & to help improve sperm count & mobility.
    • 100mg Safed Museli Extract to help revitalize & increase strength.
    • 100mg Pranax Ginseng Extract for athletic endurance & recovery of muscle damage due to workout.
    • 60 mg Gudduchi Extract (10:1) for detoxification, immunity & health rejuvenation.
    • 5 mg Piperine (95%) for better absorption of ingredients.
  15. Glucosamine with Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM & Hyaluronic Acid (3000mg) nonveg_icon.png capsule_icon.png

    from ₹ 549 ₹749

    • Combination of 4 Core (3000mg) Ingredients.
    • For Joint Mobility, Lubrication & Flexibility.
    • 1000mg Glucosamine(HCL) per serving.
    • 900mg Chondroitin sulfate 90% per serving.
    • 1000mg MSM & 100mg Hyaluronic Acid per serving.
    • To Protect, Recover & Restore Joint Cartilage.
    • For Stronger Joints & Bones.
    Non Vegetarian

Amino acids promote muscle growth and recovery. Amino acids form the building blocks of protein. These protein help in carrying out the essential processes of our body. Proteins & Amino acids play a vital role in our body. They are linked to every fitness processes like weight loss, muscle gain, muscle recovery and functioning of your body.

Most of the athletes buy amino acids for growth, repair and maintaining muscle tissues. Amino acids are synthesized by our body too. These are called as non-essential amino acids. While food supplements fulfil most of the protein requirement.

Benefits of Amino Acids powder are as follows:

  • Synthesis of protein for growth of muscular tissues
  • Growth, repair and replacement of old and torn tissues
  • Accelerates muscle growth and recovery.
  • Helps in weight loss by reducing appetite
  • Improves immune system


BCAA are essential amino acids taken by bodybuilders and athletes externally. They are composed of 3 different types of amino acids namely Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. MyFitFuel serves best amino acid powder in India. MyFitFuel BCAA provides you with long lasting energy for more extended workout regimes.

It helps in protein synthesis, provides muscle mass and helps in growth of muscles. The three essential component of BCAA is mixed in the right ratio to provide different functions. Some of the primary functions are as follows: 

Leucine helps in maintaining muscle mass and prevents muscular breakdown. It recovers injuries and worn tissues. Isoleucine provides you with instant energy after workouts. Hence, you recover faster and don’t feel fatigue for long. Valine promotes the building of muscle and muscular tissues.

MyFitFuel offers one of the best quality amino acids online in India at an affordable price. One of the main reasons the people choose to use Essential Amino Acids is that it helps you achieve your goals and see visible results in a faster and sustainable way.
Our pure glutamine is a high quality, tested and imported amino acid available in the market. Our body to perform various functions produces glutamine. Glutamine generated by the body is enough. Hence, one needs to take this amino acid externally to meet body requirement.
It promotes muscle tissue growth and helps in post-workout recovery by providing you instant energy. This maintains your body glycogen level and you don’t feel tired and exhausted. 

You may also buy amino acids such as MFF BCAA 5000, which fulfils the need amino acids. The ingredients of BCAA namely Leucine, Isoleucine and valine, are not produced by our body. 

If you are looking where to buy amino acids in India, then MyFitFuel offers you one of one the top amino acid products online.
All our products are made up of imported ingredients and go through an all stage quality check. If you are looking to purchase amino acids online then MyFitFuel is the place for you. We are trusted by more than 50,000 happy and satisfied customers.

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