Getting bigger and stronger is the first thing that every athlete has in his mind all the time. Getting bigger than all those random dudes at your gym can be easy if you follow these simple rules for your training and nutrition. Don’t worry this won’t take much of your time. Here are 23 most effective ways by which you can take your game to next level 

1). Lift Heavy

Full body workouts are good, but now that you have completed beginner level, it’s time to leave lighter weights and start lifting serious heavyweights. Just keep in mind – Use the most substantial weight for which you can complete at least 4-6 strict reps.

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2). Maximise the Volume

Volume training is indeed the time-tested technique to ensure significant gains. Perform at least 4 or more exercise per body part with at least 4 or 5 sets of no less than ten reps. Moreover, Volume training will also help you overcome a lagging muscle.


3). Isolate the Muscles

Isolating the muscle group, for instance, like a shoulder with front raises working for front head, lateral raises working for the lateral head and bent over raises working for the rear head. Go a bit higher rep range for isolation exercises.

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4). Use Dumbbells

Dumbbells don’t lie. They will let you know your weakness which you may not know while curling a barbell. Dumbbells will also help in recruiting more muscle fibres.


5). Master the Compound Lifts

Compound lifts are principle movements in every big guy’s workout. Especially exercises like Deadlifts and Squats are proven to enhance the overall strength of the body. Include at least one or two compound movements in each workout session.

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6). Don’t Forget the Bodyweight Exercises

Yes, my friend, you can still grow massive without lifting weights all the time. Bodyweight exercises like to push up, dips, pull ups, chin ups and much more will get you ripped like no other.


7). Increase the Intensity

Don’t be lethargic in the gym. If you want to up your game and look like a Greek God ASAP then you need to work for it. Cut down your rest period between sets to no more than 50-60 seconds and then you will feel the burn.

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8). Dynamic Warm-Ups

It’s 2016 already, and it’s the time to switch boring static warm ups with dynamic warm-ups. Dynamic warm-ups will not only warm your body in a much effective way but also save you from injuries.


9). Don’t Skip Legs

The saying that does not get old – “Don’t let your bro skip a leg day”.

Mind well, skipping a leg day and you are committing the biggest blunder in your way to growth.

Here’s why – Skipping leg day? Think twice before you commit this sin.

10). Chase the Pump

Like Arnold would say“Not many people understand what a pump is. It must be experienced to be appreciated. It is the greatest feeling that I get. It’s like someone putting air in my muscles. It blows up. It feels fantastic.”

You know, you are doing it right when you feel the pump.


11). Consistency Matters the Most

The gym is not a place where you can go once in a while and expect to see results. The gym is like a church where you need to go daily to seek the blessings from weights and carve a herculean physique.

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12). Sleep

By now you would have probably understood that actual growth does not occur in the gym, rather it requires enough rest to grow muscles.

Sleep at least 7-8 hours to see those muscles coming.


13). Get in a Deload Week

You can’t lift heavy weights all the time, bro. There are times where you need to ease up a bit and give your body a refresh before it’s to work again. A deload week is one where you will have to lift at least 40% lighter weights than the heaviest weight you usually lift.

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14). Switch Up the Things

We didn’t love it back then when we were served with the same food all the time. Our body doesn’t like it now when we serve it with the same exercises day in day out. Change things up, like exercises and techniques, after every 6-8 weeks.


15). Get a Workout Buddy

You will get that extra motivation coming in from your training partner and then you will see how fun it is to build muscles when you have a competition.

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16). Form Comes First

Lifting heavy weights is not just enough to get bigger muscles. What’s more important is the combination of lifting heavy and proper from. A correct form will ensure that you are getting enough stimulus in the muscles worked and hence growth.


17). Keep Stress Away

Stress has a lot to do with keeping the new muscle growth away. Cortisol aka stress hormone is a hormone that breaks down the tissue and restricts muscle growth.

Don’t take much pressure or else it will hamper your growth.


18). Challenge Yourself

Don’t be that guy who does not move from 200 lbs to 225 lbs just because of worrying about the consequences of failing.

People will laugh at you now, but once you do it, you will have the last laugh.

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19). Get a spotter

Going heavy on bench presses and not sure whether you can do it? Get in a Spotter. A spotter is every bodybuilder’s true friend for that he can get you those couple extra reps which will lead to additional gains over the period.


20). Know What Works for You

Legendary bodybuilders like Arnold, Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates and many others have always favoured the concept of finding the right exercises and workouts that will work for one.

Don’t just blindly follow PRO Bodybuilders out there. There are chances that what works for them may not work for you.

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21). Eat more

Bodybuilders should never run away from calories at least if they are from healthy sources. A calorie surplus diet is a requirement for getting bigger.  Having that said, it’s also vital to ascertain that one should not munch on junk foods for extra calories.


22). Carbs are Good

Carbs are good if you know when to take them. For instance, a post workout meal containing a good amount of carbs can maximise the muscle growth.

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23). Take Protein Shakes

Arnold’s love for protein shakes was eternal. He had his protein shake a couple of times in a day so that he would achieve his daily intake of protein.

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