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"Are you an ordinary fitness individual, bodybuilder, runner, cricketer, footballer, wrestler, gymnast, boxer, hockey player, tennis player or any other sports person/athlete?"

EVERY ONE NEEDS PROTEIN but there are different answers to question "How much do I need" because this majorly depends on what your goal is? Intake of protein depends on your "Goals" because every goal has different level of physical activity, performance and results involved.

Bodybuilder usually takes more protein than a footballer, long runner or cricketer. Whereas a cricketer takes more protein than an ordinary sedentary men and women.

For Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders looking for maximum muscles growth consume 1gm per lbs of body weight per day i.e (2.2gm per kg per day). But as they move to more professional level their consumption increases to 1.5-2gm per lbs per day.

For players into different other sports including athletics or Sedentary individuals (somewhat Inactive).

Depending on goals and physical activity involved we have official guide for players estimated protein requirement in different sports and athletics. According to Burke and Deakin (2006) and Australian sports commission guide the table shows how much protein is needed for different athletes and sports players with different goals.

Able 1: Estimated protein requirements

Group Protein intake (g/kg/day)
Sedentary men and women 0.8-1.0
Elite male endurance athletes 1.6
Moderate-intensity endurance athletes (a) 1.2
Recreational endurance athletes (b) 0.8-1.0
Football, power sports 1.4-1.7
Resistance athletes (early training) 1.5-1.7
Resistance athletes (steady state) 1.0-1.2
Female athletes ~15% lower than male athlete
(a) Exercising approximately four to five times per week for 45-60 min
(b) Exercising four to five times per week for 30 min
So How to calculate

Depending on your goals you find the right amount of protein needed per day and then multiply it by your body weight. Example if you are a footballer with average protein consumption of 1.5gm a day (from above table) and your weight is 70kgs. Then you consume 1.5×70= 105gms per day.

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