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<p>At myfitfuel, we design our plant protein based supplements in such a way that they meet all the requirements of a vegan body and keep the gymgoers and the athletes, well on course for meeting their targets. We take special care during the production of our supplements so that all your needs are aptly sufficed.</p>
<p>Let&rsquo;s have a rundown of what our plant protein powders can offer you.</p>
<p><b><i>The case with lactose intolerancy</i></b></p>
<p>The lactose content in whey proteins has a number of downsides such as flatulence, diarrhoea and feeling bloated. And not just a small chunk of people but today a very good number of us are indeed lactose intolerant. And yes, they say that during the extraction process of whey isolate, the entire lactose is eliminated. But the thing is, one can never be very sure regarding this and so the decision solely rests on your hands as to which one to go with.</p>
<p>Our plant-based protein powders are completely lactose free, simply because they are derived from plants and not livestock. You can depend on our supplements and can verify it to your heart&rsquo;s content, before making the purchase.</p>
<p><b><i>Is Nutrient dense with complete protein</i></b></p>
<p>We consider multiple plant sources including hemp, pea and pumpkin to carve out the best possible plant protein source, amassed with all the bioavailable proteins. Plus, it contains a complete set of vitamins and superfoods to ensure sufficing of your daily natural protein requirements.</p>
<p>We go great lengths in making our products such, that you don&rsquo;t have any qualms regarding the quality of it. After all that&rsquo;s the business we&rsquo;re into. Providing the best.</p>
<p>We know that one specific feature of plant proteins is something which has caused many to hate it &ndash; its taste. A lot of people say that plant proteins taste like dirt, or that it&rsquo;s just plainly undrinkable or that they&rsquo;re willing to sacrifice it for lesser beneficial things because they just can&rsquo;t tolerate the taste.</p>
<p>Well, to cater to this problem of plant proteins, we at myfitfuel have taken special care so that the protein powders don&rsquo;t taste like &ldquo;dirt&rdquo; anymore. It&rsquo;s not that this has reduced the quality of it any sense; we just cannot compromise with that. But still we were able to bring something for you which will not be undrinkable anymore and will offer exactly what we promise.</p>
<p>Apart from high protein plant based supplements, we&rsquo;ve done some additional flavouring of our products, so as to minimize its natural taste to great lengths. Some of our variants are chocolate plant based protein powder, vanilla plant based protein powder, raw plant based protein powder, etc.</p>
<p><strong>Best Plant Based Protein Powder for Muscles</strong></p>
<p>It&rsquo;s true that whenever talks regarding muscle building kick in, whey protein is what everyone considers as their only solace. And that&rsquo;s not wrong. But the reason people don&rsquo;t even consider any other thing is because they don&rsquo;t know if any such thing even exists.</p>
<p>Whole plant foods or say, plant protein powders are amazing sources of protein. What could come as an actual surprise to you, is that the amino acid profile in case of plant proteins is just as good as that of whey proteins. And that&rsquo;s the reason why along with whey protein, we have given this much importance to plant proteins.</p>
<p>The best plant based protein powder for muscles will be the one which will be fast and easy in digestion, will have ample amount of protein to offer per serving and high on the amino acid profiling. Our plant-based protein supplement is well rehearsed in all the above-mentioned criteria and that&rsquo;s the reason why it&rsquo;s the best plant protein powder in India and loved by many.&nbsp;</p>
<p><strong>Best Plant Based Protein Powder for Women</strong></p>
<p>For women as well, plant protein can be a seriously helpful way to meet their daily protein needs. Among all the plant protein powders, soy protein specifically helps in enhancing the levels of oestrogen in women, which can help in strengthening their immune system and fighting off some of the well-known diseases such as breast cancer.</p>
<p>Myfitfuel&rsquo;s best plant based protein powder for women are tailormade to suit a female body&rsquo;s specific requirements, which we understand is very different from a male body. And that&rsquo;s the very reason why our plant based proteins are made by keeping in mind the requirements of both the genders.</p>
<p>Do check out our entire catalogue of different plant protein powders.</p>"

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