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"Always read and understand the nutrition facts panel, It’s your right to know the true facts so that you pay for protein, not just for marketing".

A. Amount per serving Size

It is very important to know "what amount of protein per serving size" is being served in a protein powder. Before you buy protein always check the nutrition fact panel to confirm amount of protein per serving size. Per serving size means the "nutrition fact panel" is prepared onto the basis of this serving size. Although this seems to be very obvious point but taking this step can help you always determine the true facts of the product. And many people ignore the fact assuming the most expensive products always contain more protein or all proteins are equal. Don’t make this mistake, always check the nutrition facts of product and make sure you pay for protein not just marketing.

Steps to check

Step1:- Read the Nutrition facts panel to see "how much protein in grams (gm)" is available in this powder.

Step2:-Read "what is the serving size" because the "Protein in grams" fact is calculated onto the basis of this Serving Size of protein powder.

Step3:- Now analyse to see "protein in grams" being served per "serving size".

B. Order of Ingredients

As per "Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)" all the ingredients in a food supplement [,%202011.pdf page 32, point 2.2.2]

Should be listed in descending order of their composition by weight or volume or in simple terms it should be most to least abundant. So, this information should give you an indication that in a particular products "ingredients list" first mentioned ingredient is available in maximum quantity and the last ingredient is in the least quantity. Now understanding this information will always help you in shopping and comparing the two same price products and judge which product has more ingredient in more quantity.

For Example:- Two products are available for same price, but one contains greater amount of more expensive protein source (you’ve determined this because the expensive protein is listed ahead of cheaper protein source in the ingredient listing) and you now know that this particular product is higher in value that the other). So, it’s very important to read the order of ingredients in the ingredients list to determine the correct value of product.

Also don’t get fooled by any hyped names used in the product or the ingredient list by some companies. Example all good whey protein concentrates (WPC) made though ultra filtration process and contains microfractions like alpha beta lactoglobulin, glycomacropeptides, lactalbumin and lactoferrin and sodium chloride is another name of salt.

C. Number of serving per container

Don’t just focus on how much total product you are getting in a protein bag but rather calculate how much total protein you are getting in entire protein bag. Some companies fill the space will cheap not required filler to save cost which reduces the overall total protein in a protein bag. So, It is another important point to know how many total servings are being served in a particular protein bag of 1lbs, 2lbs, 5lbs or 10lbs but also more important to know how much total protein in there in a container. Compare simply by multiplying "number of servings" per protein bag by the "gram of protein" per serving. For Example - There are 28 servings in a protein bag [Net weight/Serving Size] and 23 gram protein per serving therefore 28 ×23= 644 grams of protein/protein bag. (This calculation is for protein powders but might not work for a weight gainer, post workout recovery powder or meal replacement as there is different ingredients such carbohydrates, fats, vitamin, etc. to achieve the particular goals.)

D. Certificate of Analysis

We want to work very transparently so we thought take more steps to give to give you an assurance that what is being said in label is also inside the product. To bring an extra assurance we use independent high regulatory labs to test all our products and to maintain quality. My fit fuel is responsible to provide the true tested certificate of analysis of each nutrition product you buy from us.


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