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There have been too many studies which proved why we should take proteins. But let’s start from basic with "what if we don’t take complete required protein Diet" which will make you understand the current situation of your physical fitness.


A). What if we don’t take complete required protein diet ?
      • Lack of protein leads to tiredness and laziness in the body when you shouldn’t be tired.
      • Makes you look weaker and flabby rather than stronger.
      • Makes you weaker in any physical activity performance due to weak muscles strength. (For people who say that I am not able to achieve my fitness/sports/athletic goals so this may be due to lack of protein)
      • Reduces the time of recovery and final results during and after physical activity because amino acids in protein help in muscles repair and growth and prepares your body for next best performance.
      • Slows down the wounds healing process which gives more opportunities to infections.
      • Slows down or prevents the absorption of many vitamins from food that we eat.
      • Other general factor includes, thinning and brittle hair, Ridges in nails, Pale skin and skin rashes.
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B). "We want to be a winner", so we move over the basic problems mentioned above and find how protein makes us a winner.
"How Protein with physical activity makes you a Winner"
      • Makes you achieve your required physical posture and help’s you look stronger.
      • Protein helps in repair, growth and maintenance of our broken muscle fibers during training which helps us to get prepared for next competitive level.
      • Helps to boost metabolism which enhances the fat loss and brings better weight management.
      • Strengthens your bones which are required for better performance in every fitness activity and sports like Weight training, cricket, football, athletics and more.
      • Helps to make stronger muscle which holds your joints together properly to improve movement efficiency, prevent injury, and promote stability during any physical activity.
      • Enhances the Immune system functioning specially for physically active person.
      • Higher percentage of muscles and lower percentage of fat in body makes you more active, physically confident and less lazy.
      • Increases muscle building response to resistance training making you ready for next best performance.
      • Helps in production of antibodies that protects our body against diseases and infections.
      • Helps to repair the body cells and tissues by breaking down the toxins.
      • Protein helps in better healing of wounds, scars and replenishing of lost blood.
      • Helps in better fitness, better self-confidence, healthy mind and emotionally stronger.
      • Helps you to feel full for longer making you avoid irregular eating habits.
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