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Pure Glutamine [Micronized]

Pure Glutamine [Micronized]

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L-Glutamine (3000 mg) Tablets

L-Glutamine (3000 mg) Tablets

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Glutamine is the non-essential <b><a href="""">amino acid</a></b> synthesized by your body. It forms the building block of protein and benefits your body in numerous forms. It protects your immune system improves digestion. <b>Glutamine</b> is synthesized in lungs and muscles of our body. <br><br>
Bodybuilders and athletes who undergo hard training like HIIT need continuous supply of energy to recover from post workout fatigue. Glutamine comes into action in such scenario and replenishes amino acids and glycogen levels of the body. It removes and balances nitrogen level of the body by getting rid off ammonia, which may cause harm to your body. <br><br>
Importance of Glutamine<br>
Glutamine most importantly helps in maintaining nitrogen level in body. Many the athletes take Glutamine as a fuel for their body. It’s tasteless nature and easy solubility with water and milk makes it a rich and easy protein source. It promotes lean muscle tissue and metabolizes body fat. Glutamine in our body is secreted during sleeping hours. Hence it is highly recommended to take your daily requirement of Glutamine before going to bed. <br><br>
When One Should Take Glutamine?<br>
The intake of protein depends on your fitness goal and body requirement. You may take Glutamine as a pre workout supplement to restore your energy and help in faster recovery. Therefore you don’t feel fatigue or exhausted after workout. Also, it regulates your amino acid levels. Those undergoing high training should definitely take Glutamine for longer workout regimes. A good diet plan along with Glutamine shows better results. Also, any hot liquid or beverages along with Glutamine may reduce the effectiveness of amino acids. Hence it is advised not to take Glutamine with such hot beverages. <br><br>
It promotes growth of <b><a href="""">muscle mass</a></b> too. The low levels of Glutamine reduces the muscle mass and you end up losing muscle. Taking adequate Glutamine helps you generate muscle mass building hormones which increases muscle mass.
If you are looking to buy Glutamine online then Myfitfuel is the place for you. Our products are manufactured from imported and synthesized raw material. We believe in providing high quality <b><a href="""">supplements</a></b> to our customer. We do not add cheap fillers in our products and maintain 100% transparency for customer satisfaction.
Glutamine enhances muscle tissue growth and helps in better post workout recovery. It replenishes your glycogen level and fights fatigue.<br><br>
Buy Glutamine online from Myfitfuel for better results and get closer to your fitness goals.