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Bulk Up

Learn How To Achieve Better Bulk Up Goals

Bulk Up & Nutrition

“60% is nutrition and 40% is workout

When it comes to fitness in our country, gym is of the most common activity which is always talked about. There are different goals which could be achieved in the gym, including Bulk up (muscle mass and weight gain), lean muscles (muscle mass without adding fat), or simply fat loss for journal healthy lifestyle to get in better shape. Whatever is your goal, taking the right nutrition is very important to achieve your fitness goals.

To accomplish your fitness goals in the gym, it is advisable that you regularly consume the clean diet which continuously provides essential carbohydrates for energy and complete amino acids profile from protein to grow and maintain your muscles.


General Tips For Your Goals in The “GYM”

Muscle, Lean Muscles Mass & Muscle Tone

Bodybuilding whether for “Lean Muscles” or to “Bulk Up” is the use of progressive resistant exercise such as weight training to control and develop ones musculature. Lean muscle mass is increasing the overall muscles mass of the body by increasing right protein intake and reducing the carbohydrates intake making you look lean and toned. Whereas “Bulk up” is increasing the overall muscles mass of the body by increasing right protein intake and increasing the carbohydrates intake making you look big and huge.

  • --> Protein for muscle growth
    To achieve the Muscle mass and lean muscle goals it is recommended to consume 1 gram of protein per lbs. of body weight (2.2 gm per Kg) every day for muscle recovery and growth. Although the required protein could be taken from the food high in protein such as chicken breast, fish, eggs, etc. but it is little impractical to consume these foods on daily basis specially due to busy schedule or availability. So, MFF whey protein 80 helps to fulfil the required protein diet in a very easy and simple way i.e. just mix one scoop protein with water, milk or juice and shake it.

    • --> Energy to train
    Carbohydrates are another important fuel in the form of energy which helps to maintain muscle glycogen concentration required during intense workout sessions. For different goals different amount of carbohydrates are required and not consuming the right amount may lead not achieving the required goals. Bodybuilding for bulking up requires higher amount of carbohydrates where as anyone looking for lean muscles should consume limited carbohydrates to reduce the overall fat. MyFitFuel™ Dextrose Monohydrate is a simple and easy source of high carbohydrate nutrition for pre and post workout helping to boost the required energy level and reducing the post workout fatigue from High intense training sessions.

    • --> Recovery for growth
    Post workout recovery period is very important for muscles repairing, rebuilding and growth. Taking the right protein, carbohydrates and other vitamins and minerals is must to get the proper recovery of our body. MFF Whey protein 80™ which is the dairy source of whey protein will help to fulfil the required needs of protein post exercise and repair the broken muscle tissue making them more stronger for next training session or competition.

    • --> Never skip a meal
    Never miss a meal and try to take small meals every 2-3 hours (5-8 meals a day) which keeps your metabolism running. You can include protein shake as one small meal to fulfil protein diet. If you think you have an excuse of missing the meal due to busy schedule, keep some easy to carry foods such as peanuts or other nuts in your bag or in your office and take in small amount as a snacks.

    • --> Hydration
    Not consuming the right amount of water will make your body dehydrated and dehydration is one of the reasons for many muscle injuries. Drink at least 2 litres everyday to keep your body hydrated. Dehydration is also not a solution for many individuals who think not drinking water will help them reduce their weight.

    Nutrition Tips For Bulk Up Goals

    1).  Drink Protein shake with double milk rather than water. This helps to bring extra calories required to bulk up the muscle mass and increase body weight.
    2).  Eat a lot. Bulking up requires gaining muscle and overall body weight. To gain weight you need to eat larger surplus of calories and protein, almost 1500-2000 more calories daily than normal food intake.
    3).  Eat clean. To gain quality weight you require quality nutrients. It is important to eat food which helps to add more muscles and not fat.
    4).  Eat plenty of nuts, oily fish, seeds and natural oils. “Good fats” helps in hormonal production, regulation and other bodily functions.
    5).  Add dextrose monohydrate to your post workout shake. Adding almost 40-50 grams will help you replenish the glycogen stores.
    6).  Consume Dextrose monohydrate (preferably with protein shake) first thing in the morning if you struggle to eat large breakfast in the morning. After consuming this eat breakfast after 30-45 minutes as by now your appetite would have increased.
    7).  Consume more liquid calories if you struggle to consume sufficient calories. Different Smoothies like banana smoothies with whey protein or a smoothie like a mix of peanut butter, whey protein and yougurt etc. will help you to easily consume the meal packed full of calories and other nutrients.  
    8).  Eat another meal before sleep to ensure completing the nutrients throughout the night. Casein protein is another most preferred option due to it slow absorption rate.
    9).  Consume more meals. Eating 5-8 high calorie meals after every 2-3 hours which will help to add more nutrients and required calories to bulk up over the period of time.
    10).  Always keep a glass of shake ready in your fridge in the morning or during night. As soon as you feel hungry, choose this glass as an option in between or during the meal. Keep a casein shake prepared in the fridge and try to consume it during the night when you get up for toilet. This helps to complete you protein requirements while you are sleeping.
    11).  Finally train intensely. Adding calories without training will only increase weight but to get best results it important to train well while consuming this high calories diet. Good training will help up bulk up in better shape hence making you look good and feel more confident.