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High Quality with Cheapest Whey Protein in India (price).


How MyFitFuel Delivers never Compromising very High Quality Competitive Pricing? 

Our customers often ask us how we are able to manufacture and deliver premium quality whey protein powder at such cheap prices. The answer is quite simple. MyFitFuel is a customer-oriented, innovative and transparent sports nutrition brand based right here in India. To minimize the overall end user cost and keep consistent quality devoid of adulterations, we ship our products directly from our warehouse to your doorstep cutting out all the unnecessary intermediate handling of the products.

Another way by which we ensure that our customers get the best and cheapest whey protein powder is by packaging and supplying our whey protein products in strong resalable pouches instead of tubs. It helps us in reducing the cost of our packaging thereby ensuring that you get to buy the highest quality product at lowest prices.



How MyFitFuel Process ensures that you get the Best Whey Protein at Cheap Prices.

100% Transparency – We have nothing to hide from you. We only show what’s truly inside our products. Unlike other brands, we never trick our customers with false ingredient composition or by adding a few grams of expensive ingredients to make the product look costly. Neither do we use expressions like “Proprietary Blend” – a term used to make the product look costly and better than it actually is. For all our whey protein products, we tell you the exact amount of protein and amino acids present inside. When you buy from us, we make sure that none of your money goes to waste.


No Cheap Fillers

Many brands which have the sole purpose of making a profit cheat their customers of quality protein by adding cheap fillers and thickeners. This way they reduce the overall space required for legitimate ingredients and add inexpensive fillers to increase their profits. Unlike those brands, MyFitFuel’s primary motto is to deliver pure protein to our customers free from cheap fillers and thickeners. You can see the complete proportion of ingredients in our products in the protein report and certificate of analysis on our product page. 


No Protein Spiking

As the sports and fitness nutrition industry is making progress, manufacturers are coming up with a variety of ways to fool their customers in the name of cheap whey protein powder; one being – Protein Spiking. Usually, suppliers add a fair amount of cheap amino acids like taurine and glycine to their protein blend. Now, when this protein undergoes quality testing, it shows that the product contains more protein than it actually does. We at MyFitFuel refrain from such scam. Neither do we add cheap fillers nor do we use taurine and glycine to spike your protein.

MyFitFuel’s 100% Whey Protein is made up of a high-grade protein blend with a ratio of 80:20 of Whey protein concentrate and Whey Isolate. Not only it is loaded with premium quality protein, but it is also rich in amino acids with 5.8 grams of BCAA and 4.3 grams of Glutamine per serving. The unique 80:20 blend ratio for quick digestion, absorption, and protein synthesis along with MyFitFuel’s transparency and quality assurance makes MFF Whey 100% the best cheap whey protein isolate in India.


 Price Comparison with Other Cheap Whey Protein Online 



MFF Whey 100% (1kg) 

 Standard product online


26 gram

24 gram

Proprietary Blend

No (Pure Protein)






1.3 gram

3 gram




Glutamic Acid



Unique 80:20 blend ratio



Disclosure of all ingredients



Total Price

Rs. 1,954.00

Rs. 3,700.00