MyFitFuel was the first to bring education on 100% Transparency in the year 2013, MFF is again in 2017 is the 1st and only Indian Manufacturer that educate the customer about the 'dry basis' and 'as is basis'     

In general life when we consume any product and we see nutrition label saying “Protein” we suddenly make a perception that the protein values written on the label will help us repair and grow our muscles. Although this is absolutely right "Complete Protein" containing all the essential and non-essential amino acids does help to repair and grow our muscles. But, there is small thing which is very important but very few knows and that is whether the protein values mentioned on label are on “Dry Basis” or Protein Values mentioned are on “As is” Basis.  Let us take you in detail:

Actual protein solids being absorbed in body (As is basis protein) + Moisture  =  Protein (Dry Basis)

Many Protein Manufacturers on their product Nutrition label try to make their protein powder composition look better and attractive by providing a 'dry basis'' protein content. The actual percent of protein which gets absorbed in our body after consumption is based on total solid i.e (as is basis) which excludes moisture.  Companies show dry basis protein to claim more protein values on the label. Dry basis Protein contains moisture content too- Usually about 4%to 7%.

An example in Whey Protein Isolate 90% giving 90% protein on 'dry basis'', the actual average “As is” protein equal value anywhere from 83% to about 86% rest, 4%-7% is moisture.  Actual ‘as is” protein which will get absorbed in the body helping to repair and grow muscles.

Let us also explain to you how to see the Lab Reports. When you see the lab report published for any protein it's important to check the Method used for the testing and also if it's mentioned that [ODB] or Dry Basis. ODB refers to "On Dry Basis" protein. You should be looking for tests which have "as is" basis tests which will be specifically mentioned in the report "As is basis".

You should know the actual 'as is basis' protein content of the protein powder that you will be using because that is the protein content which you are paying for to repair and grow your muscle tissues.