We at MyFitFuel are determined to serve International quality products without any compromise in the quality. Certain factors which help us to manufacture and deliver international quality products include:

1. Research as per Indian weather and environment. We understand India Better.

We are a company from India with years of research and knowledge of Indian weather and environment for developing a new product. Indian weather is completely different from many international countries as the weather in Kolkata is different from the weather in Delhi which is again different from Mumbai. One such differentiation of many is level of humidity and moisture in the weather.

These circumstances affect a lot on the quality of the product when it is delivered and consumed in different areas of the country. Our researchers spend a lot of time understanding these circumstances while developing new products. We as a company invests a lot on to the research, procurement, quality testing and standards of our products, which are designed keeping in mind such Indian environmental factors to bring better quality products customized according to Indian market and environment.  

2. No compromise in quality

We never compromise on the quality of any of our product. We believe it’s the company values that determine the standards which are set as the quality bar of every product. We don’t bring the product in the market until and unless it doesn’t meet our quality standards.

3. Ingredients

We have a very stringent quality process for procurement of ingredients of our products.  Ingredients procured goes from 4 different stages of quality testing before they are approved. Few of our ingredients are sourced from manufacturers internationally who have been known for their quality and have been in business for over 50 years.


4. Direct Supply to avoid duplicity

We understood that as we invest a lot in the research and quality of our products, then it’s our responsibility to supply you same quality in your hands. Indian markets is going through a problem of grey market/ duplicate products which is making Indian consumers lose trust and bring fear of getting duplicate product every time they make a purchase.

We have made a strong decision to always supply our products directly in your hands. MyFitFuel is the only seller of MyFitFuel products. Direct supply helps us to deliver the same quality product which is manufactured by us after lot of hard work. After your product is delivered, you can also Authenticate your product our MyFitFuel Mobile APP, website or through SMS to verify the originality of the product.