Transparency & Authenticity Matter

You never put the wrong fuel in your car, so why would you use the supplements for your body that are not pure and don’t prove their authenticity?

Sports Nutrition market is facing the big problem of transparency and authenticity. There are more suppliers than ever before in this Industry and many are looking to making profits by not disclosing everything or by not being 100% transparent about their Ingredients.

We at MyFitFuel™ take this responsibility to bring 100% transparency about our ingredients.

In any of our Product, you will never find cheap fillers which fills up the space, reduces the overall protein amount and decreases the overall value of product. If you pay for protein then why should you get these cheap fillers?

In any of our product you will never find us faking the protein level by adding the cheap amino acids and you wouldn’t even find us hiding the extract ingredients in our different protein blends. Many suppliers use different cheap amino acid & green powder ingredients and hide the true information behind So-called “Proprietary Blends”.


We don’t Fake, we don’t want to use any dirty tricks and all our goal is to be open, honest and transparent with our customers.


3 Reasons why we lead in transparency

100% Transparency

For our Every Protein Product we disclose exactly which protein is there in the product and in what quantity. You will never find us using tiny quantities of expensive ingredients to make them look better.


No cheap fillers

We don’t add inferior ingredients or cheap fillers to bulk the quantity of our products and make them overall cheaper to produce. We only use high quality ingredients and even disclose how much we use in particular products.


No protein spiking

We don’t add taurine, Glycine or other cheap amino acids to our products which make the protein levels look higher than they really are.

100% Transparency

Is there a transparency problem in sports nutrition industry in India?

Yes, this is one of the biggest problems in Sports Nutrition industry in India. Some suppliers formulate their products in a manner to make it look like their products contains desirable and expensive ingredients, but they usually add them in very small quantity just so that they get permission to list those ingredients on their packaging.

So, this means they make final product with cheap ingredients and additionally add tiny quantities of expensive ones to made product look like a best deal or bargain, but truth is something else.

How is this whole thing done?

As per the Food Law, food suppliers are required to mention the ingredients in descending order of the amount used of each ingredient. But you are allowed not to disclose the exact quantity of each ingredient used.

Suppliers take benefit of this in Sports Nutrition Industry by calling this as “Proprietary Blend”. They still have to disclose the components used in blends.

What is “Proprietary Blend”?

What is “Proprietary Blend”?

Nowdays they are being used to make the product look better than it actually is.

“How” and “Why” does it matter to you?

Because it is you hard earned money so it is very important for you to spend on something which is really worth its value.

Not all ingredients used are equal. Some ingredients are more effective than others or some ingredients are more expensive and some are cheap. So do you think you should be paying for the products which have larger quantity of cheap ingredients? As this could mean that those products are less effective.

How MyFitFuel™ is different?

We never add anything like cheap fillers to our products and we also disclose the complete breakdown of the Protein ingredients present in our products including the exact proportion and amounts. So this how you know exactly what you are playing for and that we as a brand are not hiding something from you.

If any supplier is not disclosing you the exact proportions or amount of ingredients used, this could because they are hiding something from you?

No Fillers

Which Products most commonly contain fillers?

Protein and amino acids blends are the most common products which contain fillers & thickeners. In protein blends, many suppliers also use cheaper non-dairy proteins such as soy protein in large quantities, while in amino acids blend it’s very common to see large amount of taurine or glycine added to bulk them out. Also Maltodextrin is a good source slow release carbohydrate but is very in-expensive ingredient used by many suppliers to fill the space and reduce the overall protein quality.

We also don’t add any unnecessary thickeners such as Gaur Gum or Xanthan gum, because this may make the shake thick but it never adds benefit to your fitness and takes up extra space and is very cheap

comparative to protein.




Why cheap fillers are added to their

products by many suppliers?

The ingredients in Sports Nutrition Industry are often expensive to buy. To increase their profits some suppliers add cheap fillers to their products reducing the overall space for the desired and expensive ingredients. So, this is one of the most common tricks to make people pay more for products that are lot more cheaper to produce.

Is there anything wrong in using fillers?

Some of the amino acids including taurine often added to amino acids blend because they are a lot more in-expensive than other amino acids. They are also less effective than other essential amino acids. It will be more valuable against the money spend if you buy more of essential amino acids rather that non-essential amino acids.

In protein blends, you will also see blended soya protein. Although this is a protein but is very inexpensive in comparison to whey protein concentrate or isolate. So why should you pay higher for cheaper ingredients?

How is MyFitFuel™ different?

We provide you the complete breakdown of the proportion of ingredient’s used.

You can see the Protein Report on the product page and you will come to know about the complete proportion of the ingredients. This will also help you to figure out exactly what you’re paying for.