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Advance Beginner's Protein [Best Price Beginner Protein in India with Whey Protein Isolate]

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★   First one to bring:

        - “100% Transparency” Know more

        - Knowledge on “Dry Basis Vs As is Basis” Know more

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★   All protein claims on “As is basis”

  • Contains Whey Protein Isolate. High quality grassfed cow milk protein.
  • Advance Choice for beginners
  • 14.2 gm (Dry Basis) & 13.3 gm (As is basis) protein in every serving in Double Chocolate Flavor
  • High Source of Naturally Occuring Amino Acids
  • 3gm BCAA and 2.2gm Glutamic Acid
  • Upto 6.4 gm of Essential Amino Acids
  • Ultra-pure Imported protein & ideal for muscle repair and growth
  • Added 5 Advance technology enzymes
  • Aspartame & Sugar Free

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Regular Price4: ₹999 35% off
Special Price ₹649

Availability: In stock

Regular Price4: ₹999 35% off
Special Price ₹649

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Regular Price4: ₹999 35% off
Special Price ₹649
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MyFitFuel Trust

★   First one to bring:

        - “100% Transparency” Know more

        - Knowledge on “Dry Basis Vs As is Basis” Know more

★   Authenticate Your Product Authenticate Here

★   All protein claims on “As is basis”

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Product Videos

  • Contains Whey Protein Isolate. High quality grassfed cow milk protein.
  • Advance Choice for beginners
  • 14.2 gm (Dry Basis) & 13.3 gm (As is basis) protein in every serving in Double Chocolate Flavor
  • High Source of Naturally Occuring Amino Acids
  • 3gm BCAA and 2.2gm Glutamic Acid
  • Upto 6.4 gm of Essential Amino Acids
  • Ultra-pure Imported protein & ideal for muscle repair and growth
  • Added 5 Advance technology enzymes
  • Aspartame & Sugar Free

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MyFitFuel is now Trusted by 100,000+ Happy Customers. Thank You Every One For Choosing us. 


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MyFitFuel is now trusted by 1,00,000+ Happy Customers. MyFitFuel helps you to buy the best beginner protein online in India at the best price. MFF Advance Beginner Protein is made up of very high quality tested whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate protein available in the market. Whey protein contains the highest biological value (BV) as compared to of any other known protein. MFF Beginner Protein also provides a high source of essential and non-essential amino acids including a high source of 3g BCAA. It is also highly rich in Glutamic Acid (2.2 g). Its combination of vital nutrients which helps in muscles recover better for the optimal results. 

Being low in carbohydrates and fat makes it the perfect choice for the muscles lean growth and better muscle recovery. This beginner protein mixes quite easily which helps in giving a very rich smooth protein textured & tempting taste flavored protein shake.

At MyFitFuel, since the beginning, we always bring  Authenticity and 100% transparency in the Sports, Fitness & Health Nutrition Industry in India. Our aim is always to help you achieve better fitness through our high quality nutrition. 


1. MyFitFuel Premium Advance Beginner Whey Protein Supplement Benefits and how it can help in your training?

There are many beginner protein benefits. For better results, this protein for beginners contains a high source of BCAA (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) & Glutamic acid. BCAA’s majorly containing a high amount of leucine is directly linked to better protein synthesis of our muscles, this help’s our targeted muscles in the body by reducing the overall muscle breakdown, and also initiates muscle repair and growth. Post workout it helps our body to recover in a much better way from broken muscle tissues and also helps to build high quality muscles more effectively.


2. Does timing matter? Is there any best time to take Advance Beginner's Whey Protein Powder?

Right timing always plays an important role while taking any protein. Since the beginning, it is always important to study and calculate the right actual amount of daily protein requirements for your body. Once calculated then total daily required protein intake should be divided with different timings of intake. 

MFF advance beginner whey protein is one of the best choice protein for post workout and for the first thing in the early morning when you wake up. Beginner protein when taken during post workout i.e within 30-45 minutes of workout actually helps in better delivery of nutrients including glycogen replenishment. This helps to increase the overall muscle ratio in the body and helps to have better stronger muscles. It also helps in boosting metabolism which indirectly can help to reduce the extra deposited fat in different parts of the body i.e helps to get lean. 


3. What is MyFitFuel Premium Advance Beginner' Whey Protein powder and how is it made?

Whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate is a source of high quality protein which is naturally present in mil of cow/buffalo. Freshly milk collected from cows/buffalo is usually transported with hygiene to big manufacturing & processing plants and then it tested to ensure the milk quality is right as per the company standards. Raw milk accounts for 20% whey protein whereas 80% casein protein.

During the filtration, process enzymes are added to milk. During this produces Whey protein in the liquid form gets separated to casein which converts to two parts of liquid (Whey Protein) & Curd (Casein). This liquid whey is further pasteurized and dried into high quality whey protein concentrate powder. During this filtration and manufacturing process, different compositions of whey protein are made from 30% protein to 90% isolate protein.   


4. Added DigeZymes (5 Advance Technology Enzymes) for faster digestion”

To bring better and fast digestion of protein we have added a combination of researched Gluten-Free & GMO-Free Multi Enzyme Blend. (includes amylase, lactase, cellulase, lipase, and protease). This advanced enzyme blend not only helps in better digestion of protein but also removes the feeling of being bloated.  These combinations of enzymes make sure that overall protein content is absorbed more quickly and can bring quick benefits and better utilization of products.  


5. Naturally Occurring BCAA Glutamic Acid and EAA (Essential Amino Acids)

Glutamic Acid plays an important role in increasing the overall immunity of the body. BCAA which is a combination of Leucine, Iso- Leucine, and Valine help to enhance the overall protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is a major defined process in the body. In Protein synthesis muscle use protein so as to repair brown muscle tissues and helps them regrow. Some scientific research in the past has shown Leucine helps to increase protein synthesis by 33%. This increase in protein synthesis helps to increase overall high quality muscle mass.


6. Protein Calculation details transparency on “Dry Basis” VS “As is basis”

Educating on transparency, product, or fitness goals is always our first priority. In 2013, MyFitFuel was the first company to bring 100% Transparency for our customers in this industry. Similar ways in the year 2016, MyFitFuel was also the first company to bring better education on the difference between Protein “Dry basis” vs “As in Basis” calculations. This was important for us to educate our customer so that they make a better decision which choosing the right product.

You can read in detail about this here 


7. How MyFitFuel helps you to Buy the Best Beginner's Whey Protein Supplement Online in India at Best Price?

Quality- We never compromised on the quality of our product. Our company has set many quality processes and for a few products, we have over 14 quality checks from procurement to production and final supply. We serve beginner's whey protein powder supplement with high quality at a very competitive price. 

Consistency- Same quality every time is what we thrive for. There are many ingredients added to make a good effective product. Change in 1 ingredient taste or texture could change the overall text of the finished product. So bringing consistency is what we work hard on. We always make sure that every batch quality is consistent every time. And to achieve that consistency, we work from the beginning of the supply chain so that we can control the quality of every ingredient used.  

Transparency- In the last few years, we have brought transparency and knowledge which we believe is our customer right to learn. Transparency and knowledge about the products, their true benefits especially before you buy a different MFF product or the best beginner's protein in India at the best price. Many companies may write just a fraction of information i.e “whey protein concentrate” but in reality, there are different types and different prices of whey protein concentrate depending on the protein percentage included in it. Protein percentage may start from 30% protein per 100gm to update 80% protein per 100gm but they all will be called whey protein concentrate. So you will never be told the actual right percentage of protein which is being used. This helps companies to make more profit and hide the actual worth including the true benefits of the product. We at MyFitFuel always provide complete detailed information of protein products in our “Protein Insight” tab on the product page or website or mobile app by telling you protein we use.   

Certificate of Analysis- To bring better transparency, we at MyFitFuel work on sharing Certificate of analysis on product page which can bring better assurance to our customers regarding the actual quality.  


For even better results you can try with

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MFF BCAA 6300 2:1:1 BCAA with more Leucine almost 3150mg per serving. BCAA boosts overall muscle repair, muscle growth, recovery & prevents muscle breakdown. 




General Traits
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Nutritional Info
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Additional Information

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Advance Beginner Protein- Double Chocolate
14.2g PROTEIN (Dry Basis)
13.3g PROTEIN (As Basis)
2.2g Glutamine
Nutritional Table
NUTRIENT UNITS PER 100 g Per Serving 33.3 g
Energy (kcal) 345 114.9
                   (kJ) 1443.4 480.7
Protein (g) 40 13.3
Fat (g) 3.2 1.1
Saturated Fat (g) 0.54 0.18
Trans Fat (g) 0 0.0
Carbohydrate (g) 42 14
Sugar (g) 0 0.0
Sodium (mg) 230 76.6
Amino acid profile on as is basis
    Per 13.3g
L- Alanine (mg) 652
L- Arginine (mg) 279
L- Aspartic Acid (mg) 1436
L- Cysteine (mg) 306
L- Glutamine (mg) 2221
L- Glycine (mg) 239
L- Histidine (mg) 293
L-Isoleucine (mg) 771
L-Leucine (mg) 1436
L- Lysine (mg) 1277
L- Methionine (mg) 253
L- Phenylalanine (mg) 439
L- Proline (mg) 771
L-Serine (mg) 652
L- Threonine (mg) 958
L- Tryptophan (mg) 279
L- Tyrosine (mg) 239
L- Valine (mg) 771

INGREDIENTS : Milk Solids (Whey Protein Concentrate, Skim Milk Powder, Whey Protein Isolate), Maltodextrin, Cocoa, Permiteed Nature Identical Flavor & Flavoring Substances, Resitant Dextrin, Sucralose (INS 955), Digestive Enzymes (DigeZymes).

nutrition value

Suggested Use

Pour approx 150-200ml of water in a good blender such as MFF™ Blender and add 1 scoop of MFF Beginner's Protein™. Shake it for 15-20 seconds and consume immediately. Use less liquid for stronger and thicker tasting taste.

Depending on your goals, for muscle gain, we recommend taking approx 2-5 servings daily to complete your required protein intake.

To promote muscle growth, experts usually suggest 2.2g protein per kg of ideal body weight every day. this can be consumed during the different duration of time of the day. One can consume according to their workout timings in the morning or evening. Suggested timings include:-

  • --> In the morning- Immediately when you wake up. [I.e as soon as you get up].
  • --> Pre Workout- 30-45 minutes before beginning workout .
  • --> Post Workout- Immediately after you have completed your work out.
  • --> Any other time during the day or in maybe even in between meals whenever you think you may require additional protein intake.


Benefits of taking with Water- Consuming with water don't add additional calories and is suitable for lean muscle goals/

Benefits of taking this beginner protein with toned or double toned milk- Adding milk instead of water can add additional 130-150 calories and also add a little more protein. So anyone looking to have bulk up goals can have with milk. 



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