What is Raw Whey Protein


Among the many variants of whey protein, a seemingly unknown version is the raw whey protein. Just because it’s mostly unheard of, doesn’t mean that it outlays any less benefits. As a matter of fact, you might be surprised to know that in certain aspects, raw whey protein not only matches the nutrient content of the commercial whey but also scores higher than it.


So, What Exactly is Raw Whey Protein?


Raw protein, or raw whey protein, is the product you obtain when the liquid whey is separated from its solid part. The whey protein thus obtained is the concentrate form of whey, and contains other nutrients as well, apart from amino acids. In simple words, whey protein concentrate that has none of the lactose and fats content removed, and which is free from any sort of additives or artificial flavors is then categorized as a raw whey protein.

So how the raw protein is actually manufactured and what are the stages it passes through?


  1. The entire process of manufacturing of raw whey starts from high quality milk that is sourced directly from healthy grass fed cows.
  2. This raw or unpasteurized milk is then cooled at 4 degrees Celsius before being transported to our protein-making facilities via refrigerated tanks.
  3. The next step involves pasteurizing the transported milk at 72 – 73 degrees Celsius and then re-cooling it. At this stage, the milk contains 80% of casein protein while the remaining 20% is the whey protein.
  4. Moving on, the milk now undergoes the cheese-making process where the separation of liquid whey takes place which is then collected and filtered to form high protein liquid whey as the result.
  5. Upon this, whey is micro filtrated to form whey protein concentrate which gives us two of our products – Advance Whey protein Concentrate 80 and Whey Protein Concentrate 80.
  6. This Whey Protein Concentrate then goes through an ultrafiltration process which results in the formation Whey Protein Isolate.
  7. This is what we call as the MFF Whey protein 90 Isolate which contains no thickeners, fillers or those cheap amino acids which are added to artificially enhance the quality of the product.
  8. Now, both the concentrates as well as the raw whey isolates are spray dried to get the shape of a powder, which is then packed into bags.
  9. This bulk protein is then brought to our warehouses where we re-test all of them and only upon matching the required standards, they are given the Go ahead.
  10.  After they are properly testified, we blend the proteins with different flavours and especially researched enzymes, which stems out from the demand to make them fit for the Indian market.
  11.  Only after each and every single step, as described above, is accomplished to its required standards, you get to see the products on our website.


Even though the concentration of protein in the raw version may not be as high, it still comes loaded with many vital nutrients which would help in your muscle building objectives. It has all the advantages of whey protein, plus the bonus of it being closer to its original source. Additionally, one thing we fail to recognize is that the raw whey protein has ample amounts of BCAA and Glutamine, thus, can aptly help you meet your nutritional needs.