High Protein Mass Gainer

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Flavor: Double Rich Chocolate

Double Rich Chocolate
Vanilla Creme

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Product Benefits

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How & When to Use
Pour 250ml of milk or water in good blender like MyFutFuel Blender and add recommended serving of High Protein Mass Gainer. Shake it for 15-20 seconds and consume immediately.
Nutrition Information
Nutritional Infomration
Check Nutrition Table Flavor Wise
Double Rich Chocolate
Vanilla Creme

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Benefits of High Protein Mass Gainer

  • Helps in Building Lean Muscle Mass.
  • High Protein from 7 different source of protein.
  • 63gm Protein and 167gm Carbohydrate in 3 recommended servings of Rich Chocolate Delight Flavor when taken with milk.
  • Time Released Protein for continuous supply of Protein upto 8 hours.
  • Added Digezyme® latest Digestive Enzymes Technology.
  • Added 22 Vitamins and Minerals for better body growth and overall nourishment of body
  • Added Nutriose® for Fiber enrichment and better digestive tolerance.
  • No Dairy Whitener, No Soy Protein.
  • Provides 1:3 Proteins to Carbohydrate ratio.
  • Low in Sugar and Contains No Aspartame.
  • Added Glutamine and Contains naturally occurring BCAA for better repair and recovery of muscles.
  • Please check our nutrition table to see details of Protein and Amino acids for different flavors.

    Digezyme® in Advance Mass Gainer

    These are not just the general Enzymes but made up of a unique and researched combination of Gluten Free & GMO Free Multi Enzyme Blend including amylase, lactase, cellulase, lipase and protease. Digezyme® enzymes not only helps in better digestion removing the bloated feeling but also helps by making sure that all the nutrients gets absorbed more quickly so as to get quick benefits and better utilization. Digezyme® helps to make this product as best mass gainer supplement in India.

    Added 22 Vitamins and Minerals.

    Vitamins and minerals play very important in helping you achieve better fitness level and mass gain. They are considered an essentialnutrients as they play hundreds of important role in the body. Due to exercise and workout the need of these vitamins and minerals increases for many reasons such as getting oxygen to tissues, energy production from carbohydrate and fat, protecting from infections and damage to body cells, etc.

    Added vitamins and minerals play many such important roles which helps improve the overall workout and fitness making it best mass gainer. Vitamins and Minerals added in High Protein Mass Gainer have gone through many stages of research to understand the body requirement during different stages of workout.

    High Source of Carbohydrate with Low Sugar making itas Lean Mass Gainer Supplement.

    High Protein Mass Gainer Rich Chocolate Delight product provide very high source of carbohydrateapprox. 154 gm when taken with 250 ml water and 167 gm when taken with 250 ml milk. (Values based on 3 recommended servings of 75 gm each)

    High source of complex carbohydrate helps in providing continuous supply of energy which not only helps restoring the depletion glucose level after workout but also helps in better recovery for the next workout and other activities.

    7 Protein source for Time Release Protein and Continuous supply of Protein Upto 8 hours.

    High Protein Mass Gainer Rich Chocolate Delight product provide 49.5 gm of Protein when take with 250ml water but it provides almost 63gm protein if take with 250ml milk (Values based on 3 recommended servings of 75 gm each). This product as a whey mass gainer provides protein from 7 different protein source which helps in continuous supply of protein. Whether its post workout or during night muscles require protein to repair the broken muscle tissues. Protein from hydrolyzed whey protein, whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate provides surge of amino acids immediately after you consume it.

    Providing the continuous protein supply for upto 8 hours helps to feed muscles making it stronger, increasing the overall muscle strength.It also increases the overall metabolism of the body as your body is continuously involved in digesting and absorbing of the protein.

    Nutriose® as an Additional Clinical Researched Fiber Source.

    Fiber plays an important role in digestion and this product contains special Fiber which is clinically researched and proven to provide an outstanding digestive tolerant. Nutriose® make the product as source of high fiber protein powder.

    Complete Essential Amino acid profile with BCAA and Glutamine.

    Protein from milk source of protein naturally provide complete source of amino acid profile making it as complete protein with all the essential amino acids. Essential Amino acids are very important for the growth of the muscle as our body doesn’tsynthesize them but they are required from external source such as whey protein.

    Advance High Protein Mass Gainer provides good sourcenaturally occurring BCAA and additionally added Glutamine with Creatine. BCAA is combination of Leucine, Iso- Leucine and Valine which helps in enhancement of protein synthesis. Protein synthesis in our body is a defined process in which our muscle uses protein so as to repair and regow.

    Added Glutamine plays very important role of anti catabolic preventing the muscle wastage which helps to reduce the chances of muscle damage and soreness. Glutamine helps to increase lean muscle mass and body density by helping body to secret its own growth hormone which trigger's the release of IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor 1). So as to stay in positive balance for optimum muscle growth it also helps to increase the overall nitrogen level.