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Size: 200g

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Suggested use

Serving Size- 5000mg

The recommended dose of L-arginine powder supplement is 5 grams per day. You can also take a smaller dose of 2.5 gram twice a day or as suggested by your certified dietician.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which is the best L-arginine for bodybuilding?

    L-arginine powder supplement available in pure form and made from high-quality extracts are the best. You can count on MFF™ L-arginine powder supplement for purity and best results.

  • Does L-arginine help to increase height?

    L-arginine does not increase height. But, you can take this supplement to gain energy for height gaining training.

  • What is the taste and smell of L-arginine?

    You won’t notice the taste and smell of unflavored L-arginine supplement.

  • Is L-arginine powder supplement vegetarian?

    MFF™ L-arginine capsule supplement is purely vegetarian.

  • Where can I buy L-arginine best price online in India?

    You can buy L-arginine supplement from MyFitFuel’s official website for best offers and deals.

  • Does L-arginine increases muscle volume?

    L-arginine supplement accompanied with regular workout results in the positive development of muscle volume.

  • Is L-arginine supplement mandatory for bodybuilders?

    L-arginine is present in food sources like walnut, peanuts, almonds, cashews, meat, poultry, etc. but in low amount. Whereas bodybuilders need an additional level of l-arginine for performance benefits. Hence, if you are training, you should take this supplement.

  • When should one take L-arginine? Before a workout or after?

    Since L-arginine powder supplement helps in protein synthesis, it is better to take it before a workout, so that your body has enough energy for the workout.

  • Can I take l-arginine for weightlifting?

    L-arginine helps in reducing blood vessel blockages ensuring proper blood flow during training. Weight-lifters should take this supplement to prevent heart palpitations and shortness of breath.

  • What are the side effects of l-arginine powder supplement?

    There are no side effects of l-arginine powder supplement taken under prescribed dose and with the regular exercise regime. However, improper dosage may cause bloating or nausea.

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L-Arginine powder supplement on performance:

Our body synthesizes L-arginine into nitric oxide. This nitrogenous compound helps in expanding the blood vessels improving the blood flow. Steady blood flow throughout the practice session keeps supplying nutrition to the trainers. This is an advantage in athletic performances. The l-arginine supplement also controls blood pressure making individual into fitness endure to cardiovascular exercises.

Health benefits:

L-arginine powder supplement plays an important role in rebuilding muscle tissues. It is also effective in healing wounds and tissue waste. The l-arginine supplement is suitable for athletes as it increases the blood flow to cold feet. There are many more clinically proven benefits of l arginine on digestion, immune system, and tissue health.

More about L-Arginine:

L-arginine is one of the popular dietary supplements for athletes and bodybuilders. L-arginine powder supplement helps in relaxing blood vessels and regulates the supply of proteins for physical exercises.

The common food sources of l-arginine include meat, fish, dairy, eggs, etc. But, the level of arginine reduces when you exercise or train heavily. Therefore, fitness trainers and individuals require L-arginine powder supplement to retain its level in the body.

Our body converts L-arginine into Nitric Oxide (NO), which opens up the blood vessels for increased blood flow. It also simulates releasing the growth hormone in the body. Studies show that L-arginine also plays an important role in improving muscle metabolism and immunity.