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Product Benefits

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How & When to Use

Suggested use

Serving Size- 1/2 teaspoon (2500 mg or 2.5 gm)

Generally, 2-5 grams are suggested for individuals who workout or please take as suggested by your certified dietician.

The best time to take L-Leucine powder supplement is either morning, during pre-workout, or post-workout. You can divide your daily intake of Leucine according to these different times as per requirement. 

Nutrition Information
Nutritional Infomration
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I take BCAA supplement daily. Do I need to take Leucine capsule supplement also?

    Leucine is one of  the main component of the BCAA supplement. It helps to accomplishe the majority of protein synthesis in the body. If incase you are looking to consume more quantity of leucine then you can always add leucine along with BCAA.

  • My goal is building muscles in body. I should take BCAA and/or leucine alone?

    If your goals is for building muscles, take 5 gm Leucine supplement. BCAA includes leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Leucine helps in majority of muscle building process, whereas isoleucine and valine ingredients are responsible for regulating energy.

  • Where can I buy Leucine powder supplement in India?

    You can buy Leucine powder supplement from MyFitFuel’s official website or Mobile App for great offers and best deals.

  • What are the side-effects of Leucine powder supplement?

    Leucine is a safe nutritional supplement. Taking a recommended dose of leucine powder supplement is free from any side-effects.

  • Is Leucine powder supplement difficult to digest?

    Leucine powder supplement is easy to digest and gets easily absorbed in our body.

  • Is Leucine a steroid?

    Leucine is an essential amino acid require by our body. It is not a steroid.

  • How long it takes to start building muscles after I start taking Leucine?

    Along with regular workout you may start observing positive results within a month of starting consumption of this supplement. However, there is no define time period as the results may depend on your body type you have, amount of dosage being intaken along with intensity of workout and regularity with exercise, diet, etc.

  • What is the price of amino acid L-Leucine powder supplement in India?

    You can always check for the offers available on MyFitFuel website or Mobile App. We always provide best quality at best prices.

  • Can I take Leucine supplement powder with water?

    If you want to take leucine powder supplement with water or even protein shake or maybe juice of your choice.

  • Which is a better method- taking a powder or making a protein shake/ smoothie with Leucine?

    Taking Leucine powder supplement is better because it reaches the stomach for absorption. You can also take this supplement along with your protein shake or add in protein smoothies for better benefits.

  • Is this L-Leucine vegetarian?

    Yes, leucine powder supplement is 100% vegetarian made from plant-based sources. You can refer FSSAI green dot for the symbol of vegetarian products.

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