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Product Benefits

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How & When to Use

Suggested use

Serving Size- 3 Tablets (3000 mg or 3 gm)

Normally, 2-5 grams are suggested for individuals who workout or as suggested by your certified dietician.

The best time to take L-Leucine tablet supplement is either morning, pre-workout, or post-workout. You can divide your daily intake of this tablet according to these times. 

Nutrition Information
Nutritional Infomration
Frequently Asked Questions

  • I take BCAA supplement daily. Do I need to take Leucine capsule supplement also?

    Leucine is the main component of the BCAA supplement. It accomplishes the majority of protein synthesis in the body. If you are looking to consume more leucine then you can add leucine along with BCAA.

  • My goal is building muscles. I should take BCAA or leucine alone?

    If you aim for building muscles, go for 2-3 Leucine 1000mg capsule supplement. BCAA comprises leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Leucine executes a majority of muscle building process, whereas isoleucine and valine are responsible for regulating energy.

  • Where can I buy Leucine capsule supplement in India?

    You can buy Leucine capsule supplement from MyFitFuel’s official website for great offers and best deals.

  • What are the side-effects of Leucine supplement?

    Leucine is a safe supplement. Taking a prescribed dose of leucine capsule supplement is free from side-effects.

  • Is Leucine capsule supplement difficult to digest?

    Leucine capsule supplement is easy to digest and gets easily absorbed by the body.

  • Is Leucine a steroid?

    Leucine is an essential amino acid. It is not a steroid.

  • How long it takes to start building muscles after starting Leucine supplement routine?

    During continuous workout you may start observing positive results within a month of starting this supplement. However, there is no definite time period and the results depend on your body type, amount of dosage intake as per intensity of workout and regularity with exercise, diet, etc.

  • What is the price of amino acid L-Leucine supplement in India?

    Typically, Leucine supplement costs between Rs 1300-2000, but you can always come and check for the offers available on MyFitFuel website.

  • Can I take Leucine supplement with water?

    If you want to take leucine capsule supplement with water or even protein shake or juice if your choice.

  • Which is a better method- taking a capsule or making a protein shake with Leucine?

    Taking Leucine capsule supplement is better because it reaches the stomach for absorption. You can also take this supplement in along with your protein shake for better benefits.

  • Is this L-Leucine vegetarian?

    Yes, leucine capsule supplement is vegetarian made from plant-based sources. You can refer FSSAI green dot for the symbol of vegetarian products.

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Leucine capsule supplement for endurance:

It stimulates protein synthesis in the body. Unlike other proteins, which are synthesized by the liver; our muscles breakdown leucine. The protein breakdown releases energy, which we utilize to perform workout. Supplementing with leucine ensures there is ample and constant supply of energy for the workout thereby improving endurance. At the same time, good leucine level in the body prevents fatigue.

Cutting carbs and switching to a protein diet:

Leucine supplement is beneficial for fitness enthusiasts cutting carbohydrates in their diet. This supplement supplements protein level against carbs and protects us from gaining bad fat. Studies show that leucine prevents weight gain and encourages weight loss.

Building muscles:

Leucine helps in building muscles in two ways. One, it activates the enzymes responsible for building muscles. Two, Ithelps to prevent muscle breakdown during intense training. Lesser the muscles burnt, more is the muscular volume.

More about L-Leucine:

L-Leucine capsule supplement suffices majority of the BCAA requirement of the body. In fact, leucine along with valine and isoleucine make up almost 40% of the amino acids present in our body. It helps in protein synthesis during physical exercises, releasing energy for better performance. This results in building muscles. Taking L-Leucine capsule supplement after a workout helps in recovering worn out cells.

It is an essential amino acid and needs to be taken through a dietary supplement as our body cannot produce it. Typically, one can get this protein from food sources like meat, dairy, poultry, beans, quinoa, tofu, lentils, etc but its not enough for workout goals. Those who exert physically need to maintain Leucine levels in the body to sustain the everyday workout. Apart from muscles, Leucine supplement is also beneficial for liver, pancreas, skeletal muscles, adipose tissue, and hypothalamus. Thus, it is capable of giving an all-round fitness to the athletes and trainers.