Premium Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen

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Flavor: Chocolate


Size: 100g

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Product Benefits

Reasons it is Loved By Thousands :
How & When to Use

Recommended Dosage- 1 Serving (2 Scoops) per day

One serving every morning when you wake up and one serving just before sleep or consume as recommended by dietician

Ideally recommended for both men & women.

Advice:- Not to exceed daily recommended dosage. For best results consume 11.6g (2 scoops) daily for 3-4 months.

Usage tips- You can consume with water, your protein shake, early morning tea or coffee, vegetable juice, orange juice, lemon juice or add in a mixed fruit smoothie.

Nutrition Information
Nutritional Infomration
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How effective is Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen?

    Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen is necessary to increase the Strength of Bones & Joints, Brightening Skin and Improves Skin Texture.

  • When should I take Bovine Collagen?

    Bovine Collagen can be taken at any time. But Collagen works best when taken in the morning in empty stomach and just before sleep.

  • Is it safe to take Bovine Collagen Daily?

    Yes, it is. You can also contact your health specialist or dietician before consuming Bovine Collagen.

  • What is the price of Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen in India?

    There are different sizes sold by MyFitFuel. You can check website or mobile app to know the exact prices.

  • What is the preferred age for taking Bovine Collagen?

    It is recommended to start taking Collagen in your 20s or you can start in your early 30s. This will help in keeping your skin tight and wrinkle-free.

  • How long does Bovine Collagen take to show its effects?

    The Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen takes up to 4 to 12 weeks in order to show its effects. It differs from person to person and their rate of metabolism and absorption.

  • What is it important to take “Hydrolyzed” Bovine Collagen?

    Hydrolyzed signifies that the peptides are broken down into smaller pieces. So that the absorption becomes easy.

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Helping You Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals

Premium Type 1 & Type 3 Bovine (Bison) Collagen:

Quality is the most important factor when you are buying Collagen. This is Type 1 &Type 3 Bovine collagen which is used for your skin, nail, hair and bones. Going for a cheap quality that is easily accessible in the market is not at all an option. Not only this premium product is best in quality but is trusted by many people across India. Buy the Premium Type 1 & Type 3 Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen from our website or mobile app and make your skin and bones healthy.

For Hydrated, Bright& plump Skin:

Proteins are a constituent of skin and among all other proteins, Collagen is the most significant one. Type 1& Type 3 Collagen are same as Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen and together with Hyaluronic Acid are accountable for healthy and hydrated skin. It has been reported to safeguard the skin by preventing harmful UV rays. It also has anti-oxidant properties that neutralizes the toxic free radicals resulting in a brighter, hydrated and plump skin.

Improves skin texture, elasticity & resilience:

Type 1 & Type 3 collagen is responsible for healthy and smooth skin. The decreased levels of these collagen results in formation of wrinkles and reduction in elasticity of the skin. The Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen enriched with Vitamin C is reported to boost the skin texture and also enhance the elasticity and resilience of your skin. A healthy skin is all you need to be confident and presentable in front of others and investing in Bovine Collagen is the best way out.

Helps in anti-ageing:

Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen helps in regulation of signs of aging by slowing down the internal factors that are responsible for aging. As we age, the level of Type 1 & Type 3 collagen in our body reduces and here comes the need of taking Collagen, that is where, Bovine Collagen needs to be taken in your daily diet.

Supports Healthy Joints & Bones:

Collagen has a very important role in determining the strength and growth of Bones and Joints. The mineral content of the bones is responsible for making them strong. This product contains added Glucosamine and along with it is a good amount of Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen. Together they are needed in order to promote growth of bone tissue and provide strength and power to them. It helps in supporting healthy bones and joints in this way.

Hydrolyzed for Faster Absorption:

Unlike any other product of Bovine Collagen available in the market, the Bovine Collagen provided by MyFitFuel is the one that assures better and quicker absorption. This bovine collagen is made of smaller particle size due to which we call it hydrolysed, these small particles are readily absorbed in the body and make more collagen protein available to the body for utilisation. This Hydrolyzed Collagen has been reported to provide better results without taking a lot of time to show its efficacy.