Salmon Fish Oil, 1000mg (180 EPA 120 DHA), Deep Sea Fish Oil

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How & When to Use

Direction of use: - Take one capsule, 1-2 times a day or as suggested by a certified dietician.

Nutrition Information
Nutritional Infomration
Frequently Asked Questions

  • > How is Omega 3 Fish Oil extracted?

    Omega 3 Fish Oil are derived from Omega 3 Fatty acids that is found in many marine fishes. Some marine fishes like Salmon are widely used for extraction of Omega 3 Fish Oil as they have it in a very large amount. Omega-3 Fish Oil extracted from Salmon Fish are called Salmon Fish Oil.

  • >How healthy are Salmon Fish Oil?

    Salmon Fish Oil are very beneficial and are a rich source of Omega-3 Fatty Acid. They help in boosting brain and mind functions. They also improve the texture of skin and help to cope up with heart disorders and cure Joint-related issues.

  • >Is it safe to take Salmon Fish Oil Daily?

    Yes, it is considered safe to consume Salmon Fish Oil on daily basis. But you need to monitor your dosage and for that it is better to consult a specialist before consumption.

  • >What is the price of Salmon Fish Oil in India?

    There are different sizes sold by MyFitFuel. You can check website or mobile app to know the exact prices.

  • >Is it okay if we apply Salmon Fish Oil directly on our skin?

    Yes, it is absolutely fine to apply Salmon Fish Oil directly on our skin. It is very beneficial for our skin as it improves the texture and give us a smooth and glowing skin, free from dryness.

  • >How long does it take for Salmon Fish Oil to show its effects?

    Salmon Fish Oil can show its effects after a duration of about 1 to 3 months of its consumption. The effectiveness depends on various factors such as, the metabolism and rate of absorption of the body. Effectiveness also varies from person to person.

  • > How Salmon Fish Oil is suitable for Joint Pains?

    The Salmon Fish Oil is enriched with EPA and DHA and that is why it is considered as the most suitable product for reducing joint pain. The EPA and DHA have anti-inflammatory properties which helps in reducing the pains in joints.

  • > Can Salmon Fish Oil help in improving Heart Health?

    Yes, Salmon Fish Oil is very beneficial when it comes to Heart Health. It reduces the risks of Heart Failure of a person who has suffered from Myocardial Infarction.

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1000mg Wild Salmon Fish Omega-3 oil containing 180 EPA:

120 DHA: Omega-3 Fish Oil could be very useful and its benefits come to be all the more important when both eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) or docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are included. The 1000mg Omega-3 Fish Oil supplied through MyFitFuel includes both EPA and DHA in 180:120 ratio in every of its soft gel. This composition will not only increase the efficacy but additionally enables faster absorption within the body.

Specially sourced Deep Sea Extra Virgin omega-3 Fish Oil:

The Salmon Fish Oil is high in quality and made with deep s sea found healthy salmon fish. It is specially sourced and extracted from deep-sea extra virgin Omega-3 Fish Oil. This fish oil is purified & filtered to remove impurities and make it more healthy to consume. Quality is the major concern of people buying supplements. With the assurance of MyFitFuel, you will never have to worry. This Salmon Fish Oil is not like any other ordinary product as it is made from the best in quality salmon fishes.

Fish sourced with 100% sustainable fishing practices:

Our team at MyFitFuel makes sure that we offer you the best quality. Since omega-3 oil is derived from marine fish such as salmon, a sustainable approach to fishing must be followed. This Salmon Fish Oil is extracted from the sea through sustainable fishing practices which also keep the sea environment healthy and sustainable for future.

Omega-3 Supports Cardiovascular Heart Health:

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Most of these can be prevented if proper care is provided. Omega-3 fish oil fortified with EPA and DHA is believed to be effective in reducing the risk of heart disease. It has also been reported to reduce the chances of heart failure and cardiac arrest after a person has had a heart attack.

Fish oil helps in the cellular structure and lubrication of Joints:

Joint diseases have symptoms such as swelling, stiffness, tenderness, and pain. These symptoms can be controlled and reduced through the effective use of omega-3 fish oil as a supplement. Omega-3 fish oil increases blood flow to our body, which in turn helps reduce pain and stiffness in the joints. This oil is also used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Salmon Fish oil Promotes healthy Skin Health:

Along with all the other omega-3 fish oil benefits, its skin benefits are also important. Omega-3 fish oil acts as a barrier that locks in moisture in the skin and reduces symptoms of dryness and itching that are caused due to skin disorders. Fish oil reduces inflammation, slows the recurrence of acne and pimples, and helps keep skin healthy.

Helps support nervous system & healthy mind functions:

Omega-3 fish oil is claimed to have beneficial effects in people with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). It is also effective in increasing the rate of secretion of serotonin. It is that hormone that stabilizes a person's mood and calms the mind and body. One study showed that omega-3 fish oil can also reduce signs of depression and stress in people.