Advance Tribulus-6, (6 Potent Herbs), 2000mg

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Product Benefits

Reasons it is Loved By Thousands :
How & When to Use

Direction of use: - Take 1-2 Tablets a day with a meal or as suggested by a certified healthcare professional.

Nutrition Information
Nutritional Infomration
Frequently Asked Questions

  • >What are the ingredients in Advance Tribulus-6?

    Advance Tribulus-6 is enriched with Tribulus Terrestris, Ashwagandha Extract, Kaunj Extract, Safed Museli, Pranax Ginseng Extract, Gudduchi Extract, and Piperine in defined amount respectively.

  • >How healthy are Advance Tribulus-6?

    Advance Tribulus-6 has so many benefits. A few of them are that it helps in increasing energy, strength, stamina and endurance. It also helps in faster post-workout recovery and reduces anxiety and stress.

  • >Is it safe to take Advance Tribulus-6 Daily?

    Yes, it is considered safe to consume Advance Tribulus-6 on daily basis.

  • >What is the price of Advance Tribulus-6 Butter in India?

    There are different sizes sold by MyFitFuel. You can check website or mobile app to know the exact prices.

  • >Does Tribulus increase sperm count?

    Yes, the natural goodness of Advance Tribulus-6 helps in enhancing the sperm count. It also increases the sperm motility in males.

  • >How long does it take for Tribulus to show its effect?

    For Tribulus to show its effects, it takes about a month or two. Also, the effectiveness depends on the metabolic rate of a person’s body. So, result may vary from person to person.

  • > Does Tribulus increases the level of estrogen?

    Tribulus has become a popular herb used to treat endocrine disorders in both men and women. It is considered a general tonic, aphrodisiac, estrogen, and androgenic modulator, and is used to restore vitality, libido, and reduce the physiological effects of stress.

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Advance 1000mg TribulusTerrestris Per serving:

Advance Tribulus-6 contains 1000mg of TribulusTerrestris that accounts for 50% of the total percentage of ingredients in the product. This TribulusTerrestris is that component that has shown positive effects in enhancing strength, stamina, and lean muscle. It also helps in providing vigor and vitality to people who consume Advance Tribulus-6 on daily basis.

6 Potent Herbs (total 2000mg per serving) for advance results:

A perfect blend of Advance Tribulus-6 is enriched with 6 high potent herbs that are required by our body for various purposes. It contains 1000mg of TribulusTerrestris, 435mg of Ashwagandha Extract, 300mg of Kaunj Extract, 100mg of SafedMuseli Extract, 100mg of Pranax Ginseng Extract, 60mg of Gudduchi Extract, and 5mg of Piperine. The total sum of the weightage of these ingredients comes out as an effective and powerful dose of 2000mg of Tribulus-6.

Helps to increase Strength, Stamina, Energy & Focus:

With the goodness of SafedMuseli Extract and TribulusTerrestris, the Advance Tribulus-6 is all you need for increasing your strength and stamina. Since Advance Tribulus-6 also contains Ashwagandha Extract, it helps in enhancement of Energy and also increases concentration and focus to make your brain function with efficiency. It is very necessary to keep your mind and body strong and healthy at this point in time when a hectic work schedule is so common among all.

Helps build Lean Muscle Mass & increase post-workout Recovery:

Building Lean Muscle Mass needs proper exercise and along with that a proper diet is also needed. A balanced intake of carbohydrates, Proteins, and Lipids ensures the development of Lean Muscle Mass. With Advance Tribulus-6, it fulfills all the needful elements for muscle-building through natural herbs present in this product. It also helps in faster muscular recovery that is required post-workout.

Works as Antioxidant & Natural Detox for body cleansing:

Antioxidants are necessary components that help reduce the number of free radicals in our bodies. Certain metabolic activities are constantly occurring in our bodies that lead to the formation of harmful free radicals. These radicals need to be reduced to avoid impairing proper function. Advance Tribulus-6 has been shown to be powerful antioxidants as it naturally detoxifies our body and helps in the body cleansing process.

Helps to improve immunity of the body:

Advance Tribulus-6 has six of the highly potent natural herbs as its ingredients. This blend of natural herbs ensures to provide you with a strong and healthy immune system. Immunity is that trait of your body that fights back with the pathogens that are responsible for various infections and diseases. It is better to consume natural product like Advance Tribulus-6 rather than depending upon other synthetic and artificial products.

Helps to reduce day-to-day stress & anxiety:

The Ashwagandha Extract in Advance Tribulus-6 has been reported to improve mental well-being, and reduce stress through its natural properties. Ashwagandha as an Adaptogen helps in the maintenance of normal endocrine balance and reduce stress. It may also help in Improvement and reduction in reaction time our brain to any activity, which also contributes to an overall improvement in brain functions.

Advance herbs blend to help you achieve fitness goals in much better ways:

Nowadays, modern pharmacology is mainly based on synthetic chemical compounds. However, after centuries of experience, traditional herbs still plays an important and complementary role in improving human health. And dietary supplements that are not considered drugs. Therefore, their biomedical quality and effectiveness do not need to be strictly controlled by clinical studies. Advance Tribulus-6 is one such product that has six potent herbs which help you in attaining a healthy mind and body. [Reference: NCBI]. Its natural benefits helps to achieve strength, stamina and better muscle recovery which overall helps to achieve better sports & fitness goals.

Why Is MyFitFuel Advance Tribulus-6 Better Than Others Available In The Market?

  1. Contains 6 key herbs
  2. Contains 1000mg Tribulus Extract
  3. Contains 435mg AshwagandhaExtract
  4. Contains 300mg Kaunj Extract
  5. Contains 100mg SafedMuseli Extract
  6. Contains 100mg Ginseng Extract
  7. Contains 60mg Guduchi Extract
  8. Contains Piperine for better absorption
  9. Procured & made with freshness
  10. Manufactured in GMP Facility
  1. May only have 1-2 herbs.
  2. May have lesser serving size.
  3. May have lesser serving size.
  4. May not have Kaunj.
  5. May have lesser serving size.
  6. May not have Ginseng
  7. May not have Guduchi
  8. May not have Piperine
  9. May not be fresh herb.
  10. Maybe not have quality standards.