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Flavor: Double Rich Chocolate

Double Rich Chocolate

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Product Benefits

Reasons it is Loved By Thousands :
How & When to Use

Suggested Use

For healthy weight gain, Mix 3 scoops (100 gm) of weight gainer powder in about 180 ml of water or milk; shake it for 15-20 seconds and drink immediately. You can adjust the consistency by adding more water or milk. Please note, weight gainer is a health supplement and one should not compromise on a regular diet.

Precautions – There are no reported side effects of MFF Weight Gainer taken as prescribed. However, this product contains milk and milk derivatives; therefore, it is not suitable for people with lactose intolerance. 

Women in pregnancy should consult their physician before use.

Nutrition Information
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Double Rich Chocolate

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Helping You Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals

Benefits of MFF Weight Gainer:

1. Provides 234g Carbs, 1113 Calories & 36 gm Protein in every recommended Serving

2. An excellent product which is highly effective for weight gain.

3. Easy to digest due to added Digezymes® (Multi Enzyme Blend)

4. Added Nutriose®, Clinically researched Fibre.

5. Provides energy for training, exercise, sports, and athletic performance.

6. Pure vitamins, minerals, and proteins formula free from synthetic chemicals.

7. No side effects.

8. Gluten-free weight gainer powder.

High Calorie & High Carbohydrate to increase weight without side effects:

This product is very high in carbohydrate and calories. Being high in carbs It refills the body’s glycogen stores and provides energy for rigorous training and sports activities. People taking this supplement don’t feel lethargic and are up for all activities.

36gm Protein in every servingfrom 7 Protein source for better muscle repair:

Along with better weight gain, MFF Weight Gainer provides 36gm of protein in every recommended serving. Protein is very important for our body. Muscles are made up of protein so everyone requires protein as the fuel for muscles. Not taking proper daily requirement of protein can weaken our muscles and may decrease the overall strength of our body. Being high protein weight gainer powder, this product also helps in better muscle recovery when taken post workout.

Added DigeZyme® for Faster Digestion.

The formulation also contains DigeZyme®, which is a combination of digestive enzymes (amylase, protease, lipase, cellulase, and lactase) helping in proper digestion and better absorption of nutrients.

Added Clinically researched Fiber “NUTRIOSE®”

MFF Weight Gainer is also further easy to digest because it contains NUTRIOSE®. NUTRIOSE® is a plant-based fibre that provides excellent digestive tolerance. It also improves insulin tolerance.

Added 22 Vitamins & Minerals for Better Body Nourishment & Growth

MFF Weight Gainer is a blend of highly effective, 22 vitamins, and minerals. It helps in achieving healthy weight gain without any side effects. Due to lack of high vitamin and mineral nutrients in everyday meals diet we tend to not get minimum requirement fulfilled by our body. So added vitamin and mineral in MFF Weight gainer plays very important role in body and is required for overall body nourishment and growth. Example, added Vitamin B helps in energy production which is required for our whole body to be more energetic.

How Weight Gainer Works

Normally, the body weight is directly proportional to the muscular mass. Healthy food and exercise are most effective in gaining muscles. But, despite having healthy food regularly, some people face trouble gaining weight. It is mainly because of the body’s inability to absorb nutrition from food naturally. Sometimes body even have very high metabolism due to which high carbohydrate foods might also get digested quickly and your body may require more carbohydrate for body to store in form of calories and fat. Less body weight might lead to several long term health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a check on body weight and supplement it with nutrition if required.

MFF Weight Gainer supplement replenishes majority of the nutrition in the body that is preventing the weight gain. It contains rich proteins like whey concentrate & hydrolysate, micellar casein, folic acid, vitamins A, B, C, D, and minerals like sodium, potassium, iron, calcium, etc. in a definite proportion. It also provides energy for sports, training, and daily activities. You can check out My Fit Fuel products catalogue to buy best weight gainer online in India without side effects.