Zinc + Folic Acid (100% RDA Recommendation)

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Product Benefits

Reasons it is Loved By Thousands :
How & When to Use

Direction of use: - Take 1 Capsule a day as after lunch/dinner or suggested by a healthcare professional.  Not to be taken empty stomach and to be taken under medical advice.



Nutrition Information
Nutritional Infomration
Frequently Asked Questions

  • >How beneficial is it to take Zinc Supplement?

    Zinc Supplements are very beneficial as it helps you in boosting your Immune System, making your skin look younger and supporting the functions of Brain, Kidney, and Reproduction.

  • >Why Zinc and Folic Acid are combined in supplements?

    Zinc and Folic Acids are both very essential and have their individual benefits. But when consumed together, they complement the beneficial effects of each other and shows synergic effects.

  • >Is it safe to take Zinc and Folic Acid Daily?

    Yes, it is considered safe to consume Zinc and Folic Acid on daily basis. But you need to monitor your dosage and for that it is better to consult a specialist before consumption.

  • >What is the price of Zinc and Folic Acid in India?

    There are different sizes sold by MyFitFuel. You can check www.myfitfuel.in website or mobile app to know the exact prices.

  • >What is the best time to take Zinc and Folic Acid?

    Zinc and Folic Acid can be taken at any time of the day. But it is recommended for people to consume it at the same time every day, be it morning, evening or at night.

  • >How long does it take for Zinc and Folic Acid to show its effects?

    The effects of Zinc and Folic Acid depends on the cause for which you are consuming it. Generally, it takes about 3-4 months for Zinc and Folic Acid to show their effects.

  • > Does Zinc and Folic Acid Supplements make your hair grow?

    Yes, we can say that Zinc and Folic Acid helps in making your hair grow. Their positive effects have been reported on hair. They make your hair healthy and the texture is also improved by their consumption.

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Helping You Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals

100% Daily RDA Zinc & Folic Acid per serving:

The product that is sold at MyFitFuel are high-quality and meet the demands of your body very accurately. The amount of Zinc and Folic Acid in this product is balanced in such a way that it fulfills the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) prescribed for consumption. RDA is the recommended amount of nutrients that are needed by our body on daily basis in order to make our performance optimum and keep us healthy.

Helps Boost overall Immunity:

An inadequate amount of Folic Acid gives rise to a good deal of Immunity-related disorders. Also, Zinc has shown its effects in boosting the Immune System by reducing the symptoms of common cold and flu-like diseases. Hence, it is important for us to enrich our diet with such supplements of Zinc and Folic Acid in order to combat any pathogen that is entering our body. This helps in strengthening our Immune System and protecting us from various diseases.

Helps to Protect cells as Antioxidants & keep them Healthy:

Zinc and Folic Acid when combined work as a powerful anti-oxidant. This anti-oxidant property of Zinc and Folic Acid helps in neutralizing and removing the toxic free radicals. As a result of certain metabolic reactions, free radicals are formed which are harmful to us and are required to be removed from our body. Zinc and Folic Acid Removes them and protects the cell from further damage by keeping them healthy and free from free radicals.

Supports overall Skin Health:

Folic Acid has been reported to lock the moisture of our skin by hydrating them. It also helps in reducing the dryness of the skin and make sure that the collagen content is intact in the skin. Zinc on the other hand has proved to reduce discoloration of the skin and helps in giving your skin an even and smooth glow. The overall effect can be seen as anti-aging and moisturizing for the skin.

Helps with General Brain, fertility & Kidney health:

The deficiency of Zinc may cause disorders related to the Kidney and Brain. Zinc along with Folic Acid has shown positive effects in treating these deficiency disorders. The combination is also very important in accelerating the rate of spermatogenesis in males. An increased rate of spermatogenesis increases the chances of conception and helps in attaining a healthy and fertile life for people suffering from low sperm count.

Made with Love & Care, with No unnecessary fillers:

Our team at MyFitFuel make sure that the products sold to our customer are the best in quality. None of our products has any kind of un-necessary harmful fillers added to it. The Zinc and Folic Acid Supplement prepared at MyFitFuel is enriched with pure ingredients.It made with love and care as our main concern is to help our customers attain a healthy living lifestyle.

Why Is MyFitFuel Zinc + Folic Acid Better Than Others Available In The Market?

  1. 100% RDA Zinc per serving
  2. 100% RDA Folic Acid per serving
  3. 100% Vegetarian Capsule
  4. Made from High Quality Ingredients
  5. Manufactured in GMP facility
  1. May have lesserper serving size
  2. May have lesserper serving size
  3. May have hard gelatin Non-Veg capsule
  4. Maybe be general poor quality
  5. Maybe not have good quality standards